Beat stress with simple meditation exercises.

Breathing & meditation can help us beat stress, anxiety & even those little daily headaches, we will explain a few effective & easy exercises that can be of great help.

Most of us end up exhausted & without energy in the evening, after a very busy day & often such words like stress & anxiety, scare us even just by hearing them, but actually there are some effective exercise we could do just by dedicating a bit of these hectic days to ourselves.

What is Meditation?

The word meditate comes from latin “mederi”  and means medicate, measure & think, and it is in these three words were the segret of meditation is enclosed, cure, like cure our soul, directing our cure & care towards our inner selves, think, like think only about ourselves for a short time listening & understanding our being & measure, like trying to understand our internal “measures”.

Find sometime for yourself even just 10 minutes a day to dedicate just to urself & nobody else will already be an excellent starting point, if than inside these 10 minutes we manage to insert a few easy breathing exercises than we can really give ourselves some serenity.  The final aim of meditation is to help us get back the serenity that we often lose.

Who approaches meditation for the first time, starts off with breathing exercises, although we are sure that we know how to breath (infact we do it naturally), few of us know the effective need to breath that our organism has.  Learning how to breath in a correct manner will help us remove 70% of the toxins found in our body, making this an actual natural detox method.

Here are some exercises to begin with:

  • Find a quiet & safe place were nothing & nobody can disturb you for 10 minutes
  • Put your self in a comfortable & relaxed position, perhaps sitting down on a cushion, lying down on the bed, choose the position in which you are most comfortable.
  • close your eyes
  • take deep breathes always inhaling & exhaling from your nose
  • inhale counting till 3 and do the same when exhaling
  • repeat for 10 times
  • once finished open your eyes & spend a few seconds in the same position enjoying the silence around you


This second exercise is to be done after you have practiced for a few days the previous exercise, you can always start with the first exercise & than add this one:

  • Always in a quiet place & in a relaxed comfortable position
  • close your eyes & places your hands on your belly button one on top of the other
  • inhale & inflate your stomach
  • exhale & deflate your stomach
  • always keeping your eyes closed and counting to 3 whilst inhaling & exhaling
  • repeat for 10 times feeling your hands go up when you inhale & down when you exhale
  • when you feel more comfortable ith this exercise you can slowly increase the seconds to 5 from 3, always counting to 5 when inhaling & also when exhaling.

As soon as you manage to do correctly these 2 exercises you will start to feel your body more relaxed & at ease & can than integrate some more complex exercises but nothing out of this world, just wait & see!

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