Ten years ago due to stress, a bad accident and daily problems I gained more then 10 kilos and I wasn't sure about how to loose them.....After months of struggle and a lot of help I managed to get back my life and my body and it was thanks to yoga, meditation and healty nutrition and that's why I created Styleoga® and then all my courses, but above all this one is created around women's struggles..
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  We don't have enough time, sometimes we don't have enough strength or will and sometimes we need effective and tested things.... This course is all about "DETOX AND GET IN SHAPE" in a simple and effective way, YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ALL MY MISTAKES....      
    • 3 video lessons: my workout includes traditional hath a yoga mixed with tai chi and fitness
    • 1 personalized meal plan (mediterranean diet after a consultancy)
    • email, Facebook support group
    • 1 guided meditation to help your mental process
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