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Antonia and Lui Gi

Hi and welcome! We are Antonia and Lui Gi, and for the past 15 years, we have been travelling around the globe in search of alternative ways to improve our life.

Dr. Antonia Califano

P.h.d in Nutritional sciences and dietetics, naturopath, nutritional consultant and life coach. After years of fitness aerobics and various sports at the tender age of 19, she becomes the assistant of the European Body building champion Torrente, at 24 Antonia graduates in foreign Languages (American and Japanese) and begins her journey around the world.

Discovering its different cultures, eating and natural habits, she than embraces various themes and goes more into detail first by obtaining her diploma in Naturopathy, than in nutrition and finally with her PhD. in nutritional sciences and Dietetics.

Member of the “Società italiana nutrizione umana” (Italian society for human nutrition), Student advisor for the Selinus University in Dominica, Bologna (italy), Washington and Shangai.

During these years Antonia also cultivated her love and passion for yoga and fitness becoming co-founder of the Styleoga® discipline, and follows olympic champions and world famous marathon runners.

She has registered thousands of clients, trained various yoga teachers with the CYT Program and held seminars all around the world, as a life coach she has followed people from all the 5 continents (U.S.A., U.A.E., Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Australia, Japan, Africa and South America).

Dr. Califano likes cooking as one of her hobbies, and loves to prepare very tasty, creative and healthy dishes which she loves sharing with friends and clients during their retreats, but also travelling and the love for nature are amongst her love and passions, and after having one of her lifetime dreams come true; visiting the Amazon forest, she continues her journey around the world.  Today she lives between Italy, Spain and India

She holds over 3000 certified hours of personal training in yoga:






Guest writer for the nationa’s most famous and widespread yoga journals, Authoress of various books amongst which the latest ANTI-DIET: Transform the impossible into reality!

Lui Gi  SAURABH Xuereb

Expert in Hospitality and marketing management, from a very young age he starts his career in the human resources departments of the best hotel chains in the world deepening his social and personal relations.

At the tender age of 13 Luigi begins his studies in martial arts and meditation putting them into practice with passion and dedication and deepening his knowledge in realities like China, Japan and Tibet were he obtained his Masters in Tai Chi.

Luigi is also an expert in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and positive approach and thinking, he holds seminars all over the world were he talks about his professional experience and also his life experience where a terrible accident marked him for life but how he managed to overcome everything and go on stronger than before thanks to the Oriental arts and love for nature, which lead him to becoming a Nature therapist. Infact he has been practicing Adventure therapy over the last years both with groups of people and also individuals who are interested in finding their inner selves or would like to overcome traumas and fears.  He had the privilege to lend his services to the crown and also with celebrities at international level.

Last but not least is his love for extreme sports and new exciting challenges, infact he always by his clients’ side for the final trial were they can overcome their limits and fears. Currently head of the training for meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques for the CYT (CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER) COURSES

Co-founder of the Styleoga® brand and YOGABONDATM coach he is followed by clients on an inter-continental level.






As a result, together with our international team we have developed an innovative way of living and communicating, STYLEOGA ENCLOSES years of experience, travel, meetings, seminars and studies and today is an efficient method which can improve your life and the lives of others.  With many thanks to our team of professionals who constantly keep themselves informed & up to date, we managed to create a TESTED, EFFECTIVE AND GUARANTEED METHOD.

Styleoga has been voted and chosen as one of the best yoga schools around the globe for the year 2020-2021 best yoga schools

Antonia and Lui Gi’s experiences


USA: 8 days of survival in tents in Canyonlands, Building fences for Wupatki National Monuments


2007 Italy: AFF (accelerated freefall) skydiving in tandem from 4500m


USA: Road trip Road trip in SUV cruisinig the route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles (winter) Los Angeles

2009 – 2014

USA: Trekking & camping
in the national parks of Colorado, Utah, Nevada & Arizona

2010 and 2011

Exploring the Maltese Archipelago & its incontaminated areas


USA: Road trip in 4×4 through the northern states (mt.rushmore, sioux falls, Nebraska, Dakota and many others) during the winter season


USA: Road trip della California in Roadster, Africa Overlanding in Sud Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho,
Interacting with lion cubs at the Lion Park in Johannesburg Sud Africa,
Volunteering for a primary school in Lesotho.


Middle East: Dubai & UAE Team Building excercisesSouth America Macchu Picchu (one of the seven wonders of the world), Titicaca Lake & Amantani living according to the customs of the locals, Following a “Curandera” (healer) in Perù, Navigating on the Madre de Dios River in kayak,  open air Camping in the  Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, Chasing Caimans at night in Puerto MaldonadoZipline


Asia: Japan, Tokyo & Kyoto (university of Tokyo e Nara temples) learning new techniques & training, USA visit to The Big Apple (NY), Florida everglades Alligator & snake breeding, disneyworld OrlandoEurope Road tripping (Italy, France, Spain).


Scandinavia, Lapland, Finland, Pilotting a Husky driven sleigh on snow & ice, Sleeping in an igloo under the stars at -40°c in the ice hotel, driving a Snowmobile on a frozen lake, ItalyFree Climbing, ChinaTai chi training,  meditation & training on the  Great wall of China (another of the 7 wonders of the world), interacting with Giant Pandas at the Panda base research centre in Chengdu, breathing excercises & meditation at  Yamdrok Pass 4998 Metres above sea level in Tibet, 4 days exploring Tibetan monasteries uses & customs


Styleoga is all this and more, putting together all our experiences, adventures and studies, conclusively creating a way to get the most out of everything we do. Without the need to give up anything or to spend great amounts of your capital, Styleoga will enable you to finally be the person you have always wanted to be; be it work-related, financial, personal/love relationships, limits, we will provide you with the necessary and effective tools: our first-hand experiences and an amazing, personalised know-how to get you to the top… remember, you are your only limit!

Our Team

We are part of the YOGA TEACHER FEDERATION, and Antonia is one of the famous presenter for the international fair RIMINI WELLNESS, visited every year from 250000 students and teachers.