Yoga Training

Styleoga® Method

Styleoga® Yoga training is the complete solution for your body, mind & spirit & is ideal for everyone & any age. Starting from Hatha yoga positions, proceeding through fitness exercises & Tai chi and ending with a meditation & relaxation session. Many people think that it is only a contemplation relaxing practice, but it is actually not like that especially for Styleoga® who has concentrated on getting out the best of each discipline allowing us to obtain a toned body & loose those extra kg in no time.

perdi peso con lo yoga

It is a complete method that brings us numerous benefits:

  • ACCELERATES the transformation of our body, losing unnecessary kg & toning our muscles

  • INCREASES flexibility, muscle strength & resistance, healthier tendons & ligaments

  • DEVELOPS our back becomes more agile & our nervous system more dynamic

  • IMPROVES our immune, cardiovascular & respiratory systems

  • DETOXIFIES and purifies our organism freeing it from waste & toxins

  • REGULARIZES digestion, assimilation & elimination

  • EXPANDS physical & mental awareness

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of a healthy & active lifestyle, also capable to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases & tumors, through Styleoga® yoga you can not only obtain the body you always dreamt of but you will feel each & every muscle improve day after day.

Styleoga® has removed the religion from this practice and has made it become a fast & effective training method, giving us immediate incredible results. The hatha yoga positions mixed together with specific aimed fitness exercises, tone & sculpt each and every muscle & help us lose those extra kg, whilst the Tai chi & meditation help us relax our body & focus on our goals.

It is ideal for everyone because it has a routine of exercises that start slowly & adapt themselves to any type of body & problem without never overloading our muscles & organs. This training method requires practice & constance, alternates slow movements to faster movements, hitting directly the right points & muscles, accelerating the slimming process; it has infact been proven that alternating exercise speed, intensity & difficulty, makes us burn more calories with less effort & less fatigue on our articulations.

To become Styleoga® yoga instructors, we offer training days that start off from a minimum of 8 hours for the basic level to a 4 day full immersion boot camp, the necessary requisites are a minimum physical preparation & a great will to take up an innovative way of living but most of all the will to win some interesting challenges first of all with our body & mind. Styleoga® hands out a private certification award which allows us to use an internationally registered trademark, spread out this way of living & teach this magnificient training method. Styleoga® is patronized by SISB (Italian society for welfare sciences), AICS (Italian cultural & sport association), SINU (Italian human nutrition society) & DBN (bionatural disciplines movement) & is in the process of obtaining further certification & recognition.

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