Styleoga is a registered trademark. It is a way of life comprising of: physical training, nutritional guidance, and mental training, in order to obtain the best results from different aspects of life.

Styleoga is a positive way of living which helps you to approach in the best way everyday life and its challenges, motivating you to do your best, through your body, mind and food, and  above all by OVERCOMING ALL YOUR FEARS AND EXCEEDING YOUR LIMITS. Our motto is: “LIVE BETTER! BE BETTER!”

Absolutely! Styleoga is suitable and helpful to everyone, adults and children.

No, there aren’t any particular diet plans to stick to, however we will teach you the correct nutritional guidelines to learn how to fuel your body in the right way, without having to give up any of your favourite treats.

Styleoga is not a members’ association; therefore we don’t have any subscription fees or fixed payments.

Anyone can become a Styleoga instructor, you just need to be willing, positive, motivated and a desire to helping others to live by our motto: “LIVE BETTER! BE BETTER!”

From time to time we organise training courses, divided in various levels, where you shall learn about physical and mental training, and correct nutrition.  Check out dedicated page.

These are outdoor adrenalin-inducing activities also known as EXTREME SPORTS, carried out in complete safety under the supervision of expert certified professional partners. Such activities are fundamental in learning to break through your limits and face your fears.

Check out our events calendar with dates & locations.


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