Training course and continuous education

I level

For every course purchased we shall PLANT A TREE IN YOUR NAME, helping a community in a remote part of the world and also helping MOTHER NATURE to reflower. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

Pre-recorded online course, accessible from cellphone, tablet or pc, just an internet connection is required.

Entirely dedicated to understand how Ayurveda effects our lives and how it combines with yoga.

A total 20 continuous training credits, the course is completely online and consists of pre-recorded videos and classes accessible in any moment and from any place. Ideal both for teachers who would like to deepen their knowledge (20 hours credits with final certification) but also for lovers of yoga and ayurveda who will receive a certificate with 20 hours of training.


  • AYURVEDA what it really is. How does it change our life and why does it go hand in hand with yoga.

  • 3 DOSHA: VATA in detail

  • 3 DOSHA: PITTA in detail

  • 3 DOSHA: KAPHA in detail

  • How to understand our DOSHA, what Dosha percentages we have and how to recognise our elements

  • THE FUNDAMENTALS OF YOGA: The traditional Indian sun salutation

  • THE FUNDAMENTALS OF YOGA:The traditional Indian moon salutation

  • MINDFULNESS: Deepening, differences and techniques

  • PRANAYAMA Traditional

  • MUDRA: hands yoga, the SACRED SEALS

Deepening in training and knowledge of the basis gets you to improve your life, remove the mistakes which probably nobody ever corrected and most of all helps see things in a different manner. A course that starts from the basics of ayurveda and the purest Indian traditions

Video lessons to help deepen the theory and practice of ayurveda and yoga

After every lesson you will have the possibility to contact us by email or whatsapp so that we can answer any question or doubt and when the time to discover your dosha comes a whole new world will open up to you

It is ideal for everyone because it offers CONTINUOUS EDUCATION TRAINING TO TEACHERS, and a solid, authentic base to the yoga lovers..

A unique 20 hours training course, international tutors, international certification, surprise bonus, Una formazione unica di 20 ore, insegnanti internazionali, certificazione internazionale, bonus a sorpresa, lifetime access to videos and most of at a very RIDICULOUS price

instead of 180 euro only 99 euro for everyone

Furthermore for every course purchased we shall PLANT A TREE IN YOUR NAME, helping a community in a very remote part of the world and helping MOTHER NATURE reflower.


Master LUIGI XUEREBGuru Lui Gi
Expert in Oriental techniques, Meditation Master with training in India, Tibet, Malta and United States. International teacher trainer recognised by WYA India, expert in adventure therapy and Mindfulness.
Phd in scienze nutritional sciences and dietetics. Tutor in Naturopathy for the Selinus University. International expert yoga master E-RTY and national trainer. Expert guest and writer for the following journals VIVERE LO YOGA E YOGA QUOTIDIANO. Presenter at Rimini wellness. Presenter and VIP guest in various events in India, Japan, Tibet, United States, Dubai, Europe etc, collaborates alongside olympionic athletes. Creator of “yoga per la Guarigione (yoga for healing)” to help people approach a healthier life style. Author of the famous ANTI-DIET: Transform the impossible into reality. Trainer for the World Yoga Alliance India recognised directly by the Indian government.
Guru Dharm
Has been practicing yoga since the tender age of 5
10 years as India’s National Championship Award for yoga competition.
He Teaches yoga internationally since 2002 and leads International Yoga Teacher training courses since 2009
80,000+ students have completed under his guidance.
He Has done Masters Degree in “Human Consciousness and Yogic Science” from G.K.V University Haridwar, India
Working as a Community President of World Yoga Alliance – Organization since 2011
Founded Adinath Yoga Ashram in Chiang Rai, Thailand in 2016.

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