Master in Naturopathy Online

A simple course that can be followed online from anywhere at a cost that is accessible to everyone

What is the Master in Naturopathy and to Whom is It Addressed?

  • Those who have already attended a Naturopathy school and would like a certification with an international trademark
  • Those who would like to start learning about naturopathy, the topics covered and how to tackle them
  • Those who require a certification
  • Those who need to deepen in certain particular topics
  • Those who would like to start practicing
  • Those who do not have time to follow fixed classes
  • Self-employed professionals who require deepening and certification

The MASTER IN NATUROPATHY online course can be carried out between a minimum of 20 days and a maximum of 10 months In your own time and at your own pace; you will then receive a certificate as Basic Practitioner in Naturopathy, only and after having submitted a short thesis that has been approved and reviewed with a positive mark. Always keep in mind that the modules studied and the chosen topics address the student to a holistic approach to health and has nothing to do with medical prescriptions or substitutions. The Basic Practitioner in Naturopathy does not and must not replace the doctor or the psychologist but is a figure of fundamental help.

The topics covered in this short course are the following:

  • Physical rebalancing
  • Human nutrition (technical and moral aspects, combinations)
  • Styleoga® Anti-Diet method for losing weight and training
  • Phytotherapy and Supplements
  • Flower therapy and Bach flowers
  • Approach to general well-being
  • Oriental phylosophy and meditation techniques
  • Plants and natural remedies


Styleoga® is an international registered trademark, hence a very interesting private guarantee that allows you to have the right training and knowledge to start your profession as a Naturopathic practitioner. To have access to this course just apply by simply clicking on the paypal button below and send an email with a short curriculum to: The candidate will than be contacted and given all the necessary information. The total cost for this course including the necessary material and the final certificate (via email) is 490€ or 435GBP instead of the usual price of 690€/610GBP,  therefore with no additional or hidden fees. In order to obtain the certificate, it is necessary to present (not before 20 days from the application and receipt of all the material) a mini thesis with an argument concerning the course, that will be assesed by the commission of the School of Naturopathy of Styleoga®.