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Carmen Marro
maria grazia puzzo recensione styleoga

“It has been amazing getting to know Antonia and Luigi, They are very evolved souls.

They transmit  you strength, power, energy and creativity.

They gave me the right kick that I needed to believe in myself, and be ready to share this ancient discipline.I am very grateful to have met them and happy to have participated in this course.

I highly recommend it!

Thank you”

Maria Grazia Puzio

Gail Losh

Amanda Dunbar

Linda Leininger

I took part in the course in Mid-July, what must I say it was definitely quite an intensive week but full of positive shades that have enriched my life.  An experience that I definitely recommend, the team was very professional but also big hearted, infact the results can be seen both in my life and on my Island.  Styleoga was very much appreciated and liked and I am only at the start.  Thank you all!

Silvia Carta
nikolina recensione

susan brown

Susan Brown

Olive Robinson
Monica A.

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Carmen C.