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In this page you will find 2 sections: 1 dedicated to the opportunity of traveling with us and the other with articles and tips about trips and travels that we’ve done. How to get the best out of a trip, travelling as a couple, travelling and saving at the same time, but still enjoying to the fulll everything that the world has to offer.

We have been travellers for quite a while now, attention not tourists, we do not like goinng around on holidays/vacations, but love living the places we visit, getting to know the culture, integrate with the local people, to understand as much as we can. Traveling for us is life, traveling as a couple is a fortune and not always costs more. Before going on a journey however you must do a bit of studying in order to enjoy everything to its best and also be safe. Traveling in a couple is fun but sometimes also very stressful if you do not know how to crop your spaces, express your ideas and sometimes also say no. Travelling as a couple is a good thing because you always have a travel companion but you must also know how to organize yourself in the best of ways in order to realize the dreams of both. Sometimes we need to be courageous and find the strength to leave the known to the discovery of the unknown because as Maradona said “Only those who do not shoot a penalty cannot miss it”, we made mistakes, we tried, we enjoyed, got upset, but above all we really lived and we hope to keep on doing it for a very long time!

Today we put at the disposal of the everyone all our knowledge and experience through group trips with yoga, correct nutrition, entertainment, culture and nature.


Travel with us

“The world is a book
and those who do not travel
read only one page.”

(Agostino d’Ippona)

Every year we dedicate our experience to the service of everyone by organizing a real retreat to discovery of yourselves in an extraordinary country, but at the same time continuing to practice everyday yoga, meditation, eating healthy and getting to know new amazing people.

Below you will find a gallery with many pictures and many adventures that we have shared around the world, and every person always leaves us something special to treasure.

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