School of naturopathy

-School of naturopathy

three-year training course in Naturopathy & Holistic studies.

-Master in Naturopathy

Online Master in Naturopathy for an international certification


Naturopathy is inspired by the holistic vision of body and mind, and represents the synthesis of the natural remedies focusing on the wellbeing & quality of life of each and everyone of us. Naturopathy focuses on rediscovering our total wellbeing, through a healthy active lifestyle & especially aimed to reach a permanent sense of serenity with ourselves.

Today the Naturopath is a figure that is recognised worldwide, if we think about california were a naturopath requires a bachelor’s degree with full legal value & can also write prescriptions, in Europe in many countries this profession has already been recognised & day after day researches are proving the importance in the so called unconventional, alternative medicine, infact there are thousands of people who daily rely on & opt for these alternatives that are less dangerous and less harmful to our health & organism. Therefore the Naturopath is a wellbeing operator who must have a very preparation of the great known traditions but also of what nature has to offer.

In which fields does the Naturopath operate?

The naturopath operates in the EDUCATIVE field, that is he or she educates & teaches the people who consult him or her, which are the best methods to follow in order to reach an excellent psychophysical wellbeing & also operates in the WELFARE field, with “nice” methods to help regain the balance lost.  In this field we find a variety of disciplines amongst which:

  • phytotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • kinesiotherapy
  • chromotherapy
  • healthy eating
  • meditation & relaxation
  • holistic activities
  • herbalism
  • flowertherapy
  • Yoga
  • oriental techniques
  • ayurvedic & chinese medicine
  • nutrient studies
  • superfood studies
  • natural supplements

and much more.  The naturopath can be either a freelancer (self employed), or could collaborate with, wellness centres, spas, gyms, fitness centres, public or private institutions, medical studios & so on.


This course is set in such a way that it can give a complete Styleoga® certified preparation, be it to whom is new to this method, by using modules dedicated to anatomy, oriental disciplines, remedies etc, and also to who has already experience in the personal welfare or rehabilitation fields such as; personal trainers, herbalists, holistic operators, & others working in the natural welfare fields. It is also ideal for those who would like to open fitness centres, wellness centres, spas, and various other personal wellbeing centres.

The course will consist in various modules that will be held during the weekends, the current locations are situated in Italy, Malta & Spain, every module includes an assesment & test, the lectures are compulsory but can be in part recovered, however there is also the possibility to follow the lectures online..

The first course will kick off in September 2016 & you can receive further information & the study plan by contacting us, each module will be handled by an expert in the particular subject & will also consist of practical exercises.

At the conclusion of the three-year course you will receive a Certificate in Naturopathy training & studies recognised internationally by Styleoga®, international registered trademark, furthermore the amount of hours expected is in line with other internationally recognised schools.

Online Master in Naturopathy

There is also the possibility of online courses with final exam for those who are not able to leave their home; with various modes and even short courses to obtain a basic certification such as the master in BASIC PRACTITIONER IN NATUROPATHY which is a short course carried out directly online and with a really interesting price, it is especially suitable for those who want to start approaching naturopathy and snatch in the first secrets or even to those who are already naturopaths but need a further certification


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