Who needs useful tips on Italy? All those people who live of prejudices and not only foreigners but also the Italians themselves, hence this article is meant to be a hand for all those foreign travellers who in panic, renounce to come to such a wonderful country like ours and to all Italians who do not know what to suggest to their foreign friends and maybe also to themselves.

Italy is famous all over the world for its cuisine and for good food but very few know that we are also the only country in the world to have very stringent regulations on food; in the beautiful country in fact it is mandatory to have detailed labels with origin, processing and composition of a food; therefore to understand better when I go shopping to the foodstore both in good and bad I know exactly what is inside the products purchased and this is indeed very useful especially for those who do not eat some things or even have allergies. Our food also undergoes more checks than the rest of the world always due to these regulations that were originally created to protect consumers but also small producers who see catapulted tons of food from abroad at the lowest cost. The food here is a serious matter and in all the regions you eat very well but if we can suggest then there is no doubt the regions where you eat better are Sicily (even if a bit heavy), Campania, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna (the pasta that they make here is really spectacular). But attention we are not just pizza and pasta, our diet, the famous mediterranean diet is considered the best in the world because it is absolutely complete and rich in variety, this means that we are accustomed to eating different things thanks to the good fortune to produce lots of fruit, vegetables and foods that are not found in other countries.

raw ham homemade pasta stuffed artichokes

In Europe Italy always contends the scepter of the largest producer of wine with France and note that only with the Prosecco we reach a production of almost half a million bottles a year; in addition there are thousands of wine cellars for each region, note that only in Avellino (Campania) there are about 400 wine producers, isn’t it incredible?

For us the aperitif is sacred and from north to south we love to chat with friends in front of a prosecco, a glass of wine or a Spritz accompanied by numerous delicious snacks.

We Italians talk with our hands and sing when we talk….. foreigners will understand because this is how they see and hear us, whilst for us Italians well our tone of voice for others seems to be a bit of a sing-along and the fact that we have to move at any cost while talking contributes to the idea that we speak with our hands, but everything is a marvelous symphony due precisely to the beauties of our country, even the disasters of our country that we live always very intensely; and always very intensely live everything that happens here, we are always the best and the worst advertising because we never ever remain silent!!!!!

In addition to the famous Artistic cities, there is however much more, we have in fact an artistic, cultural and naturalistic patrimony that is first in the world and if you are interested in nature then you cannot skip the trentino alto adige (the Dolomites to understand), Valle d’ Aosta and also the wonderful Abruzzo with its beautiful national park. When it comes to the sea instead we are spoilt for choice and it all depends on the tastes, so if you are looking for fun for everyone including children and to spend very little, however eating well then there is Emilia Romagna, if you are looking for instead for a splendid sea and looking for most sougfht after places, Apulia has become a real trendy destination; Sicily instead will enchant with its wonderful sea, as well as the wildest Sardinia but certainly a dream. Then there is the Liguria with the Cinque Terre and the wonderful Portofino that will give you a more sophisticated sea. The Campania region instead will amaze you with its sea and monuments, land in fact of the marvelous Pompeii ruis, the temples of Paestum, the beaches of Castellabate, lights of Salerno, the life and culture of Naples and much more. Italy in short is to discover and especially enjoy but remember the pizza is good almost everywhere but in Naples it is simply another thing!

If you have any other queries feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your curiosities about Italy and the places to visit!!!!

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