Travel, Take A Breath, And Relax: The Benefits Of Yoga While Traveling

The average American traveler experiences 240 stressful travel moments in a lifetime. The majority of causes of these stressful moments are beyond your control, but you can still control your reactions to these moments by practicing yoga. Yoga can help you to navigate through your emotions during stressful moments so that you can still enjoy your travel.

Managing tiredness and pain

Yoga is an effective way to decompress after traveling for hours or days and boarding different flights to reach your destination. Some people plan to visit multiple cities in just a few days. Spending a day in Paris and then jetting off to Amsterdam the next day can be exciting, but it can also be pretty tiring. A quick 30-minute yoga session can relieve tiredness. When you arrive at your hotel room, you can do simple yoga poses such as Big Toe Pose or Downward Facing Dog Pose to reduce your fatigue and increase your energy levels.

Traveling can be painful sometimes: you might be cramped in a metal tube at thousands of feet in the sky, or riding a small bus filled to the brim with people. Some yoga poses such as Seated Cat/Cow, Eagle Pose, Mountain Pose, Twisted Chair Pose, and Neck, ankle, wrist/hand rolls can alleviate aches that a person tends to experience while on the road, as they stretch the muscles and joints to release the tension that’s causing the pain.

Relieving anxiety and stress

Many people travel to relieve stress, but sometimes travel can also induce it. One of the most stressful things that can happen while traveling is experiencing delays and cancellations, especially if you have connecting flights. Some people also lose one or two things during a trip abroad. Getting lost in a foreign place where people speak a different language can be overwhelming as well. Yoga can help individuals to relieve anxiety and stress, whether they’re traveling for work or pleasure. Moreover, it also increases the awareness of the power of the breath as a way to relax the body. When people are stressed, they breathe in a rapid and shallow way, which can also make them anxious. Yoga practitioners believe that the pace of one’s breath dictates the length of one’s life, and they learn to practice conscious breathing, which can help a person to manage their emotions. Simply taking deep breaths is effective to calm oneself during these stressful situations.

Enjoy the vacation more

Yoga makes an individual appreciate the present. Many of us are used to capturing breathtaking views on our phones just for the sake of posting it on Facebook and Instragram. Even on vacation, the goal is to get likes and views. The practice of yoga can help people to realize that they should give themselves a much-needed break from everything, and focus on fully experiencing what is happening to them at that moment. Let the beautiful scenery inspire you to live in the moment.

Include yoga on your itinerary for your trip. It will not only help you to manage fatigue and relieve stress, it can also pave the way for you to meet other people. Breathe your way to a less stressful life while getting to see the beauty of the world.