Useful news about India

When we speak about India we hear so many things…there are those who love this country madly and those who hate it him and the carefully avoid it… but what can we really say about India?

Useful news on India

India is an extraordinary country, a huge mixture of people, smells, sounds, chaos, vehicles, religions, animals, Gurus and much more.

Surely it is not a country for everyone and certainly not everybody will love it however here are some things to know.

India is a country which has a population of 1.3 billion people, an incredible number of people and in the road you will see them all…its a  complete chaos and very often unfortunately you will find yourself in front of scenes that are certainly not digestible. Before going in India we highly recommend to prepare yourself and once you will be ready both mentally and physically, then you will enjoy this country of a thousand resources.

How to prepare yourself for India

Lets see how to get prepared for India, how and what to do to fully enjoy this rather difficult country.

How to prepare yourself for India

Vaccines are not necessary but the level of hygiene is not even remotely close to decency and consequently we must strengthen our immune system and take some precautions:

  • Better bring with you a bottle of antibacterial  shower gel (in evening after walking and visiting around, you feel the need to clean yourself thoroughly)
  • 15 days before departure you assume some lactic ferments (in this way you will be adequately reinforced)
  • Obviously apply the rules of the traveller: water only in sealed bottles, no uncooked or unpeeled fruit or vegetables and no raw foods in general
  • If you want to taste the food from the street stalls do not do that in the first days from your arrival, give time to your body to get used to the different habits and different flavours
  • If you do not love spicy then you are in trouble…..always ask for not spicy (because otherwise spicy will arrive, but if you ask for extra spicy then be ready to suffer, because the Indians do not joke with the fact of spicyness)
  • Be careful if you need to take a taxi, a rickshaw, a tuk tuk or if you need a porter for your suitcases, or of any other service, the price must be negotiated before, unfortunately in many cities, the tourist is seen as the chicken with the feathers to be plucked and the first price that will tell you is absolutely crazy expensive, therefore divide it at least by 3 (sometimes prices are increased even 10 times)
  • Bring with you an antismog mask if you visit New Delhi, unfortunately the level of smog of this city is hallucinating and after some time you will hardly be able to breathe, the mask is therefore a good compromise.
  • In some cities such as Agra, you will be surrounded by beggars and hawkers/sellers, the only way to be left in peace is to ignore them completely if you make just a single nod, or salute, if you want to be kind, there is no longer a way to get rid of them and if you succumb to one you will be surrounded and the situation there will not be pleasant.
  • The food is really good, but be prepared to be vegetarians, there are in fact some cities where the law does not allow any type of meat (for example in Rishikesh) and even alcohol and eggs. Try out and enjoy the various lentils dishes (they are very good), soups and a variety of vegetables, also the bread is great such as the Naan, Roti or chapati, are all really good.
  • Visit also the bazaar, if you are not fussy or afraid of narrow spaces, then wander around in the various markets, filled with people and goods of every kind. The colours of the Saris are beautiful especially in Rajastan the most colourful region of India.
  • There are dozens of fortresses and forts, all very nice but keep in mind that you pay for an entry  ticket in each one and therefore always make sure to have cash with you always, it is not wise to pay with credit cards (unless you are forced to, and do so only in hotels or in shops that seem to be reliable, unfortunately India is famous for the fraud schemes of tourists and their cards)

India in short is a very difficult but exciting adventure and if you know are prepared and know how adapt you will surely learn many things.

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