The yoga Nidra technique is an ancient and effective technique to help bring a complete relaxation of the body and mind: A scientifically defined sleep/wake state, able of giving great benefits.

Let us see the benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  • Reduces tension

One of the biggest problems of today is precisely tension. Lots of  people are in a state of tension and frustration and this continuous level of tension in the body, mind and emotions prepares the individual toward psychological  and psychosomatic disorders that must not be considered insignificant. Just think that there are thousands of people with diseases all due to stress or tension. Modern psychology as well as the philosophy of yoga believe in three types of tension: muscular, emotional and mental, which can be all gradually reduced through the regular and constant practice of Yoga Nidra.

  • Trains the mind

One of the stages of yoga nidra is the sankalpa, which in reality is a very valuable help to train the subconscious mind, thus the so-called ordinary mind follows the path automatically. The sankalpa assists in the training of the mind, because it operates when the mind is relaxed and ready to absorb everything

  • Helps creativity

When the mind is completely relaxed awareness slowly enters in the deepest kingdoms (subconscious and unconscious) of the mind and the person is aware of the creative and intuitive faculties, consequently creativity increases where we are more relaxed.

  • Relaxes the mind

In Yoga Nidra the intensification of the awareness of the body stimulates the brain. When we do the exercise of rotation of awareness on the different parts of the body, not only physical relaxation is induced but also psychic. The sequence of rotation of awareness (to understand when we start from one side and then from the other) in yoga nidra is entirely similar to the map in the white matter of the brain. When this awareness is rotated several times with the same sequence, this causes a flow of Pranic energy in the neuronal circuit of the brain. This practical flow leads to relaxation in the brain.

  • Affects the unconscious

Since childhood, we learn how to repress many desires and conflicts. Every time that a situation threatens our ego, the defense mechanisms are called into question and the conflict situation is repressed or suppressed by the unconscious. Each traumatic experience, every unrealised desire and the threatening situations are deleted from the ego in the realms of the subconscious and the unconscious mind. In the deepest meanders of the mind this matter in conflict does not die but remains alive and subsequently recurs in the form of various pathological symptoms. The Yoga Nidra technique tends to clarify the unconscious, thus avoiding incurring psychological problems.

  • Counteracts stress

We hear more and more often speaking of stress which is nothing other than a cognitive or emotional response by the person in respect of any situation in which it requires balance. When the needs of the situation exceed the capacity of the person, it incurs an emergency that may manifest itself in the form of mental symptoms and physical abnormalities. Practicing Yoga Nidra instead helps to build the capacity useful to counteract stress and to find the balance in every situation. The practitioners of Yoga Nidra slowly become aware of their dormant potential and therefore prevent themselves from becoming victims of discomfort.

  • Improves memory and learning abilities

Yoga Nidra is useful for increasing the learning abilities and memory . It can be used can use in order to improve the learning abilities of students that through this practice learn how to use in the best of ways both the hemispheres of the brain.

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