Thyme is classified amongst one of the best natural remedies against cough & sore throat.  It is an aromatic shrub that can be used either as oil or infusion and is one of the best natural remedies against cough and sore throat.  It is also a great cure against inflammation & is also ideal to disinfect skin and strengthen our body.


Wild thyme is a small plant that grows on very dry & sunny soils & it is distinguished due to its small flowers that have a colour that is between white & intense pink. In ancient Egyptian times wild thyme was used to embalm the dead; whilst in ancient greek times it was used for cooking; the greek infact used it to obtain honey.  The romans instead used it to cleanse & strengthen their bodies.  Infact the roman soldiers firmly believed that bathing in water & thyme was an effective way to strengthen their bodies & therefore become, invincible.  Even in medieval times it people believed that putting a branch of this magnificient herb under the pillow would keep away nightmares. It was also thought that thyme was such a protective plant that the knights women used to embroider it on their emblems.

All the benefits of thyme

All the multiple benefits of thyme take us back to thymol, that is a special phenol that makes this plant a powerful antiseptic & antispasmodic. The beneficial properties of thyme as mentioned before have been known  already since ancient times, thats why infact great part of the disinfectants created in the beginning of the 20th century had a high thyme concentration. Thanks to its balsamic & fluidizing properties, thyme extracts are amongst the best natural remedies against cough, sor throat & and any sort of respiratory disorder like; asthma, cold, & bronchitis.  A thyme infusion can be very effective aagainst these types of disorders.  In order to prepare this infusion in a correct & effective way, we reccomend to use 15 drops of flower & leaf extract to 1 litre of boiling water, let the drops & water rest for approximately 10 minutes.  After that the infusion must be filtered & drank at least 2 to 3 times a day for a period of about 20 days.  This infusion is also very effective against urinary tract infection & can also help digestion.  Furthermore, thyme is also ideal to disinfect small cuts, infact this plant has also beneficial effects towards skin, because thyme helps stimulate blood circulation but also has an anti fatigue action on our skin, face & body.  It is very important to use lukewarm thyme infusion on abrasions, otherwise it could be applied on the skin through a short massage ; but in particular it is to be used in the evening and massaged on face & legs giving immediate relief to our body.

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