The Chair pose: in Sanskrit, utkatasana is a word formed from the root ut- or ud- which means “climb” and kata that means “stay crouching”; therefore the translation of this asana would be “raised crouching” we commonly call the Chair pose.

It is a rather intense and rather difficult pose, lets see how to carry out utkatasana step by step:

  • Standing on the mat with your feet parallel and slightly separated.
  • Inhale and raise your arms vertically, at right angles to the ground.
  • Keep your arms parallel to each other and the palms inside or join your palms together if you can.
  • Exhale and bend your knees, trying to keep the inside of the thighs parallel between them.
  • Your knees must be more forward than your feet and your chest must be slightly bent forward over the thighs.
  • Keep your shoulders low, away from your ears and try to bring your shoulder blades close together.
  • Keep your head between your arms and look forward.
  • Push your gluteus up in such a way that the sacrum is upwards keeping straight the lumbar region of the vertical column.
  • At this point breathe normally and hold the position unntill you can.

To exit the pose, straighten the knees inhaling and then exhaling lower your arms along your body.


The chair pose utkatasana is an intensive busy position which serves to reinforce the lumbar band, it should not be carried out in the event of inflammation precisely to the lumbar support. It gives many benefits:

– Restores elasticity to the feet, remodels the soles in people who suffer from “flat feet” and it invigorates the muscles, increasing the mobility of the toes.
– Furthermore it strengthens the joints of the knees, contributing in this way to reduce gradually the pain in the joints of legs and feet.

– Tones the muscles of the buttocks and perineum

-Promotes vitality and health.

– In men it favours an increase of manhood,

– In women it can help reduce pains and stabilize the period.

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