Face Yoga Vs. Botox: Which Is Really Better?


Many interesting trends are going viral nationwide nowadays, and we go crazy to try to get the solutions in no time. But it is hard to decide which one is fruitful from the never-ending waterfall of information.


And aging is the biggest problem people are having nowadays. With the passage of time, we all get visible lines on our face, wrinkles, shabby skin. It’s natural for our face to lose a number of its youthfulness. We notice our skin becoming more delicate and drier. Our genes mostly restrain when these changes occur. Medically this sort of aging is known as “intrinsic aging”.

We can influence another sort of aging that affects our skin. Our environment and lifestyle choices can cause our skin to age before time. The medical term for this sort of aging is “extrinsic aging.” By taking some precautionary actions, we will slow the consequences that this sort of aging has on our skin. That’s why people tend towards quick solutions; they want to look younger and graceful even in their 70s.


Facial yoga is a treatment offered by some skincare experts, in which a “face trainer” provides us with the best face moisturizers and some face exercises to relax and tone our muscles.


On the other hand, Botox and other facial fillers like Juvederm or Voluma are a great option if you don’t have the time to sit for multiple, long facial sessions, if you are unable to afford weekly treatments, or if you actually want to see a remarkable difference after only one session.


But the question is! Which one is better for you? Which one is good for the skin? And which one is harmful.


For all of you who for once considered changing something on your face either naturally or surgically, here may be a must-read. Take a glance and choose which one is for you!



  • Facial yoga uses your own facial muscles.
  • Botox is all about chemicals.



  • Facial yoga is absolutely free, once you learn the assans
  • Each Botox injection can cost hundreds of dollars



  • Although the results take time, they are long-lasting and harmless, as FYM is a muscular exercise.
  • Botox injections show their results in 3 to 6 months. But you have to keep getting injections to maintain the effects.

After effects /harms

  • There are no side effects of facial yoga,100% natural
  • Botox has reported side effects like tight feelings of the affected areas, rashes, headaches, anxiety, and depression.


Self-effort / depending on other

  • You are responsible for the results yourself. The more conscious you are, and the more you practice the poses, the better will be the result. You’ll feel more on top of things and assured after practicing.
  • Botox needs a professional administration, and you have to surrender yourself to others.


  • Face yoga helps in making your face more well-formed.
  • Botox represses certain muscles and can result in uneven facial expressions and asymmetry in the face. We see the beauty in balance, and well-formed faces look more charming and attractive.

Speaking /shakiness:

  • Face yoga relaxes your muscles you do not necessarily use every day, resulting in clear, certain vocals.
  • Botox paralyzes the facial muscles, and the injections can also make your face saggy and affected, which will result in losing speech articulation.

Cellular damage/activation:

  • The FYM trains your brain’s cellular cultivation to move the muscles, which can be a great stimulation to your brain.
  • Botox stops the muscle movements and will cause cellular damage, resulting in brain damage and certain stimulations.


  • You require 14 different facial muscular engagement to smile. Facial yoga relaxes your face muscles and gives you younger-looking skin and a radiant smile.
  • Botox numbs your facial expression. You lose balance in the face, giving you a crooked smile.

Specified/not specified:

  • Facial yoga trains you to use certain muscles for the face to get specific results.
  • Botox will not only work on specific areas where you get treatment; Botox injections in the lips can travel to the cheeks, which can cause a droopy face.

Dependent /independent

  • You do the FYM exercise. You know best. The results depend on your dedication to the exercise.
  • The doctor or the skin experts will be responsible for the results; you will have to surrender yourself to someone else


We found that how facial yoga helps tone the face — naturally. As we grow, collagen and elastin production decreases. In a desperate attempt to ward off fine lines and wrinkles, people splurge on Botox jabs and ‘miracle’ skin creams.