Four Great Perks Of Doing Yoga With Your Dog

For anyone who has ever done yoga with their dog around, it’s easy to see how the aptly named ‘doga’ has become a thing. Dogs will join in on their own accord, whether you want them to or not, so you may as well incorporate doga into your regime. Plus, there’s plenty of benefits to doing so, for both you and your dog, from building a strong bond to helping you both relax.

You can do doga anywhere

Dog lovers enjoy taking their dogs with them everywhere so that they can keep each other company. Doga requires little to no equipment, so it can be done anywhere, creating the perfect combination to be able to do doga anywhere, whether you’re working out at home or visiting family or friends with your dog, it all helps you to reap the benefits wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Build a bond

There haven’t been many scientific studies on the benefits of doga, but one big benefit has been found. Doga is a brilliant way to build a strong bond with your dog, particularly when you incorporate poses that you and your dog have to do together. It helps you and your dog to learn to trust each other, strengthening your relationship. This strong bond can help with training and correcting any bad behavior in dogs. The more you do doga, the stronger your bond will grow.

Relaxation for you and your pooch

Doga focuses on relaxation and breathing exercises. This makes it great for hyperactive dogs and young pups that are full of energy. They get to do some exercise while stretching and massaging can help to make them feel calmer. Doga is also good for dogs with behavioral issues and anxiety as it teaches them to be still and calm, especially when you do doga with them regularly. For humans, doga can reduce stress and anxiety levels, thanks to the relaxing exercise, but also because dogs have a calming effect, making it the perfect combination.

Socializing at doga classes

It can be difficult to start doing doga by yourself at home, so going to some classes can help you to get the hang of things. Shy and anxious dogs or dogs that need socialization can hugely benefit from meeting other people and dogs in the calm environment that doga offers. A well-socialized dog is a happier and better behaved dog, particularly when it comes to walking in public. Doga also offers you the chance to meet other like-minded people outside of dog parks that can be too busy for some people. This can help you to socialize and build new relationships.

Doing yoga with your dog gives you a workout buddy to help keep you motivated, especially when you know that the benefits are for your furry best friend as well as yourself. Doga is a growing trend so you can expect to see more classes pop up and more people practicing it.