Positive thinking to improve our every day life! Learn the techniques and exercises to help deal bettter any situation and react in a positive manner.

Lately we hear talking about positive thinking almost every where and with its supporters and non we find it difficult to understand what it really is and its use, like every thing there is a certain balance required and for positive thinking we certainly don’t mean to be out of this world, anything bu that.  Lets take a step at a time and unnderstand what we are talking about.


With positive thinking we mean a system that allows us to overcome the negative and limiting thought schemes that each and everyone has in our subconscious.  Right deep inside us thoughts and creative intelligence are born, these help us form our thoughts.  Thoughts are the origin of our ideas and our actions.  And if we force ourselves to think positive, but deep inside us our thoughts are negative than it is of no use at all.

Our subconscious is a sort of archive that stores all our memories and habits, and here is were our beliefs live both negative and positive, all coming from the elaboration of our experiences but especially of what we are convinced of and unfortunately the great part are negative and limiting.

We impose ourselves limits by relying on the thoughts which we have created and assimilated over the years, feeling guilty if things in real life go differently.

Lets see an example:  If when we were kids we always were told that in life we must take care of our family and work hard and that nothing else was necessary, we will hence feel guilty for every other experience different from this belief, every moment dedicated to ourselves will almost feel as a betrayl, and will therefore be lived as a very negative experience.  Therefore learning how to get rid of these beliefs and react in a positive manner could help us abandon this guilty feeling and live every experience to its fullest trying to obtain the most out of it, just from this view we can make use of positive thinking techniques that allow us to reeducate our subconscious and make sure that the most optimistic thoughts take the place of the most limiting ones.


Positive thinking is created and developed as a technique to modify the quality of life through observation and than the conscious manipulation of our own thoughts.  It is based on the philosophy that thoughts are live and creative material, on which the individual has a vast intervening possibility.  Over the years there was various proof and currently still is that sustain these techniques up to the intervention of quantum physics.

Quantum physics is the part of physics that studies the smallest particles of the atom and by analysing the subatomic world scientists noticed that this responds to differennt laws with respect to the other systems and furthermore it has been discovered that it is the observer who directly innfluences the observed system, therefore demonstrating that man can activate and manage consciously each event and make his life different according to his thoughts and attitudes.  Many scholars, writers and philosophers of our times have therefore proven, written and endorsed the fact that each any every one of us can do something or even better change his/her fate thanks to a different attitude.

Therefore by changing the way we interact with ourselves and training our subconscious to positive and healthier thoughts we are hence more capable to obtain the results we hoped for.

At this point it is useful asking ourselves a question:

“How come some of us succumb under certain events and others instead are not only capable to get back up but also to take advantage to the same events?”

According to these theories it is the work and also fault of positive thinking and the reaction capacity of each and everyone of us, and history is full of examples that leave us jaw-dropping each day.


Here are some exercises that if done constantly and with faith they can improve a lot our thoughts.

  • GRATITUDE :It might seem obvious and banal but try for at least 1 week to express gratitude.  Acknowledge what you have and be grateful even for the smallest things, will lead to an immediate release of the negativity from which we can be tied to even unconsciously.  An excellent exercise is to start the day in a good way therefore from when we awake, think of 10 things for which you are grateful, 10 positive aspects in your life, it doesn’t matter how big or small they may be.
  • MEDITATION: Meditation is one of the most effective methods to increase positivity, since it expands the individual’s inner knowledge and allows to establish a connection between, body, mind and soul.  Thanks to meditation we can learn how to get rid of negative feelings and find our inner self.  Find a quiet place and sit down or else put yourself in any position that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and as you breath try to let go of all the feelings that you hold inside.  With every breathe let yourself go more and try to realise that everything surrounding you is love and that you can live on the inside.  You deserve love!
  • BREATHING: Controlling your breathing means being able to control also all the rest,  when you are shaky or get angry very easily it almost seems that you run out of breathe but if you start relaxing and control your breathing everything will get back in place.  In a quiet area try to hear your breathe, listen to it slowly.  Whilst inhaling (from your nose) try to feel the air entering your body, going down towards your lungs, feel it as it slowly leaves your body (through your mouth) whilst exhaling and together with it release all your tension, anxiety and worries.
  • AIM FOR SUCCESS: Start by thinking that you deserve to succeed than start visualizing and imagining it in detail, you must feel the situations, see them and almost touch them in your mind.  Many famous people declare to have used this technique many times over, just think about Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Roberto Cerè and many others.  Close your eyes.  Think of a positive past event that happened to you.  Visualize the situation and put yourself at the centre, feel every emotion and perceive the wellbeing of that sensation detailing every moment.  Once you open your eyes again remain in that positive state.  The effects of the visualisation are amplified if this technique is practiced constantly hence you will imagine yourself in the peak of success, in an improved situation that will make you feel better it will also make you feel physically better.

Last but not least technique is the one to share and give to others, share your actual positivity but also your wellbeing does not but enhance our life and mind, very often we are too concentrated on ourselves and our problems that we don’t even notice what is going on around us, helping others and sharing our potential will not only be useful and generous but will be firts of all our first step towards full realization.

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