SAT NAM the mantra for calming anxiety

Lets start from understanding what sat nam means and why it can be helpful when anxiety or panic takes over, note that it is also taught in some special bodies that daily tackle frightening situations.

What is the Sat Nam mantra?

Sat means true, while Nam stands for identity. Therefore the literal translation is “true identity“.

The Sat Nam is considered a universal mantra, and is the most used in Kundalini Yoga. The idea is to understand the reality and allows you therefore to understand the truth of the experience that you are living in a precise moment.

Sat Nam is as if it were the union between spiritual and physical.

What are the benefits of Sat Nam

Through sat nam first of all we cancel and get out of the old patterns, those old habits that keep us imprisoned in a given situation or mood .

In the instance in which we let Sat Nam vibrate we activate in fact the energy of the mind that erases our old patterns to build new ones. It is therefore also useful to remove all the negative effects of a particularly stressful and hard day.

What are the benefits of Sat Nam:

  • Increases intuition
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Nourishes the mind and produces spiritual vibrations
  • Brings calm, peace and happiness
  • Awakens the divine light creates compassion and inner love

How to get started with Sat Nam

If you are at the beginning of your practice, begin with meditating for a few minutes, if you already know this mantra then try to reach at least 11 minutes of meditation.

Sit back and cross your legs. Close your eyes and focus on the point between the eyebrows (third eye). Put your in the position of the mudra of prayer with your thumbs facing the chest, touching the central part of the sternum.

You have to focus on your breath, breathe in deeply and when exhale let the Sat vibrate in six waves, leaving the Nam for the last, i.e. the seventh.

The sound Sat is much longer than the Nam, and between these two words there must be inhalation.

To understand better the Sat should very long like: Saaaaaaaaaaat, Nam. Say Nam with the last part of the breath that you have left.

To use the sat nam for calming anxiety or panic attacks instead, you must close your eyes, choose your dominant hand and begin to pronounce the SAT, touching with your thumb one by one the other fingers of the hand arriving to the little finger (then sa a a a a a t) and restarting from there and then conclude with the NAM, this special technique is used in “urgent” times when you need to divert immediately the mind that is bringing in anxiety, panic or an old habit.


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