When one thinks about Tibet we think of the Tibetan monks and their strange habits or better about their amazing abilities, no matter if in advanced age or still young in age in the case of children they are capable of doing crazy things and especially we think about their longevity they are amongst the populations who live longer.

But how do they manage to keep in such an amazing shape?


Exactly how do tibetan monks manage to keep in such good shape and precisely what are the secrets of life of the Tibetan monks? We have been to Tibet and the fact that it is a natural paradise certainly helps but is not enough.

Lets start from their incredible discipline and from their mental strength, but how do they get there?

The secrets of life of the Tibetan monks on which the health and longevity of the monks are based are actually only 3 and are much simpler than what one can probably imagine.

  • Physical training: every day they practice the famous 5 Tibetan rites. The 5 Tibetan rites are exercises which should be practiced every morning as soon as you wake up, and according to the Tibetan monks in fact, but now also confirmed by numerous scientific studies, if you get in the habit of carrying out these physical exercises every day, stress disappears, your flexibility improves, back problems disappear, you rebalance chakras and in general you will experience an incredible physical and mental wellbeing. The 5 Tibetan rites are very similar to the classic positions of hatha yoga but are very dynamic. They are 5 exercises that specifically go to lever and work on 5 elements that are hence rebalanced.
  • Simple and healthy diet: They eat according to the season, little and healthy.  The diet for Tibetans is fundamental. The food in fact has an extraordinary capacity to change our body in either a positive or a negative way. A healthy, balanced, simple and natural diet contributes significantly to maintain in good shape not only the body but also the mind. In the food supply of the Tibetan monks there are a large number of principles that if followed can dramatically improve our Western way of nourishing ourselves. The monks follow: balance and harmony with nature and natural and seasonal food. An important thing is the seasonality, buy and eat only foods that are in season, many fruits and vegetables that are in their season nourish us best.
  • Meditation : meditation each and every day and several times a day. Besides training the body it is also important to train the mind and to do so the Tibetan monks meditate every day for several times. Since ancient times the meditative practice has been part of these peoples and because of the stressful life that we conduct it is also coming to us precisely to help us rediscover ourselves and our inner calmness. Meditation is an effective remedy to all this and from millennia has helped people to live better. The term meditation in Tibetan is “gom” and this term can be translated with “familiarization”, “knowledge”, “awareness”. There are numerous meditation techniques but all of them allow us to get to know better our mind, to be more aware of the present moment, to recognize the constant flow of thoughts and to go beyond our mental patterns.

The Tibetan monks always therefore have an elixir of long life which is nothing other than a life according to nature, listening to your own body and yourself and never diverting from these 3 Secrets of life.

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