Until proof of the contrary the Earth, our beloved earth is the only planet we have, an assembly of wonder, magnitude and diversity that already only talking about it leads to emotion.

Our Mother Earth, the one who gives us life, energy, feeds us on a daily basis and yet most people do not care about so much that we have reached the famous point of no return.

Climate change scientifically proven, show us that if within a few years we do not invert route we will lose definitively our home and we are already seeing the effects on a daily basis: cities that are inundated, glaziers that are melting, fires in Siberia, abnormal warmth in the winter months, bombs of water and then the beloved AMAZON FOREST, set on fire for purely consumerist purposes and if we think that we are not the cause of all this but that only the “Heads” of the earth can do something then we are on the wrong track.

Certainly the countries, the politicians and the powerful people should do more but are we really doing our part???

Unfortunately no and there are small things that we can do right now, without any particular upheavals, lets start to love more this Earth of ours and especially try to give a future to our children and grandchildren, who by 2050 will not have any if we go on like this.

Lets see here some small gestures to help save the planet


– The intensive consumption of meat coming especially from south america leads to brutal deforestation, hence lets consume local meat but especially not more than 2 times per week (our organism will thank us, now it is also scientifically proven that more than this quantity causes only harm and also earth will thank you)

– The disproportionate use even from the part of the classes attentive to the environment such as vegans, with AVOCADO, always brings the South American nations to deforest in order to make new plantations and the result is that the poor farmers are starving and large owners will keep on getting richer, ruining the planet, so enough with the avocado, there are many other varieties of vegetables that have a lesser impact but especially for health reasons its best to EAT LOCAL AND SEASONAL.

– When we take a shower at home and wait for the hot water, all that water is wasted while we wait, lets learn to put a bucket so as to be able to reuse that water for flushing or other domestic purposes.

– If you use air conditioners do not waste the water they produce, collect it in a container and use it at home

– If you use makeup do not use disposable discs when removing, but take face cloth with soap and water or even a tonic and use it for at least a week

– Program your menus so as to buy your groceries in an intelligent way and without wasting food that ends up in the rubbish when there are countries that are dying of hunger

– Try to walk more, use the bicycle for areas that do not exceed 3 km, you will do good to your health but especially reduce the impact of your car.

– Recycle as much as possible by dividing the rubbish and carry with you a bottle with water instead of using disposable plastic bottles.

– If practicing yoga, to clean your mat use a natural spray made with vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils

– Do not supply the shops that sell clothing low cost or with really discounted prices, what you save is paid for by the exploited labourers, the environment in which the waste is spilt illegally and the stressed conveyors on the motorways.

– Donate your clothing and objects that you do not use anymore, there are many associations and many people in need

– Nowadays we all use email and internet, hence try to print the least possible and recycle the paper when possible.

– No to PALM OIL, we do not know much about what it really does to our health but we know that it is robbing the natural habitat to the orang-utan that are therefore in danger of extinction.

– Do not take your children to zoos or circuses that use animals, you will teach them that a living being can be enslaved and mistreated and you will help this evil circle grow.

They are small and insignificant gestures but if each of us began to do their part then it would be very much!

What does it take?????