Tadasana mountain pose is a basic position that also serves between one position and another to take breath and bring heart beat back to normal.
The word tadasana in Sanskrit is divided between tada  which means “mountain” and asana “pose”, Tadasana therefore you can translate it literally “Mountain pose”.


Tadasana is certainly a  simple pose, lets see how:

  • Standing on the mat with your feet parallel to each other, spread them apart by about 15 centimeters.
  • Keep your arms relaxed by your sides.
  • Put the palms of the hands in front of your chest and lift them upwards very slowly, until your arms are completely extended above your head.
  • Keep the palms of your hands slightly separated from each other and facing one another.
  • Stretche your chest, shoulders and arms as far as possible upwards.
  • Keep your palms and fingers relaxed
  • Relax your shoulders muscles, stretche your neck and keep it aligned with your spine.
  • At this point keep it until you are able to sustain the effort normally without forcing too much
  • To exit from the position put your arms down slowly preventing your hands from touching each other.

However in some yoga schools, Tadasana is carried out standing but without stretching the arms up.


Although it is a very simple pose, the mountain pose tadasana can give many benefits:

– Corrects the posture.

– Tones abdominal muscles, relieving constipation and facilitates digestion.

– Stretches all the muscles of the back and the cartilaginous disks between the vertebrae.

– Relaxes the nervous system by favouring a balanced physical and mental development.

– Strengthens the arms and enhances the flexibility of the entire body.

-Expands greatly the chest, increasing the lung capacity and the cleanliness of the bronchi, therefore this asana is recommended for those who suffer from asthma or chronic bronchitis.

– Reduces fatigue.

– Increases the bio-magnetic energy at the level of the palms of the hands and the torso.

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