Tips for Building a Calming Yoga Space at Home

Around two billion people practise yoga across the globe. When asked why by a United Nations writer, one leading guru didn’t mince words: “because it works.” Studies have shown that yoga can battle depression and anxiety, and quell various types of chronic pain. If you have just completed your CYT training and you’re feeling confident enough to practise at home or guide others on the path to yogic freedom, make sure you set up the perfect spot; one that inspires body, mind, and spirit to reach for higher ground.

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Yogis can think of no better way to begin the day than with a sun salute. If possible, your yoga space should let in natural light and provide views to the sunrise and sunset. It should ideally be set up near a garden or look out to majestic natural surroundings. If you live in a city area, fear not; you can take advantage of the stress busting effects of nature by bringing plants into your yoga space. Studies have shown that even looking at images of natural scenery can lower stress hormone levels. Bringing plants into a workspace, meanwhile, can improve one’s performance; don’t you think it could do the same for your yogic practice?

Exotic Inspirations

Build an inspiring ambience with beautiful statues of Buddha, lotus flowers, or other spiritual sculptures, paintings, or photographs. Some people like to build a little shrine and fill it with flowers, spiritual art, and candles. Indeed, candles can add a beautiful warm glow for afternoon or night yoga sessions. Opt for fragrant natural candles containing relaxing essential oils like lavender or orange. Add to the appealing scent they emit with the help of an essential oil diffuser. Avoid paraffin candles, which contain harmful compounds that can increase the risk of developing allergies, asthma, and certain types of cancer.

Comfort Matters

In addition to containing practical furniture such as a storage cabinet in which to keep mats, towels and other essential furniture items, your room should be comfy enough to read, meditate, and practise breathing techniques in. Rattan chairs that hang from the ceiling and sway with the wind, hammocks, and pouffes will make the space inviting for you and your friends. Decorate a simple sofa with colourful cushions in vibrant tones such as orange, fuschia, and bright green.

Almost Paradise

If you become inspired to invest in a major refurb, why not build a wooden yoga deck in your garden? Thatched roof constructions work beautifully and  are popular in yoga retreats across the globe. Surround your space with garden torches by night and add an essential finishing touch: relaxing music while you hone your pranayamic breathing techniques.

After you complete your teacher training, you will probably be ready to hold yoga sessions (or practise the skills you have learned) in your own home. The right balance between ambience and practical considerations is key. Think of beautiful yoga spots you have practised in an obtain inspiration to build your very own idea of a yogic paradise at home.

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