The trikonasana position or the triangle pose is a very useful asana, suitable for all levels of yogini and above all full of benefits.
In sanskrit trikona means “Triangle”, to which the name of this asana is translated into “the triangle pose”, but it is so called because the legs form a triangle with the ground.


triangle positionTrikonasana is considered a polar pose, i.e. it works on two energy aspects of the body: the Yin (appearance), feminine, lunar and Yang (appearance) i.e. male, solar. The position therefore needs to be kept on both sides for the same time.

  • Stand with your feet on the mat, legs spread apart. The distance between the feet should be about two and a half times the width of the shoulders. The soles of your feet must be parallel and touching the ground in a stable manner.
  • Try to keep your body weight equally balanced on both feet.
  • Keep your head, shoulders and hips facing forward.
  • Raise your arms at the height of your shoulders with the palms of your hands facing downwards.
  • Turn your right foot of 90 degrees to the right and tilt slightly towards the inside also your left foot.
  • Try not to bend your knees and keep your heels well aligned.
  • Keep your arms well aligned between them, inclined towards the right, by lifting the left arm and lowering the right arm.
  • The most important thing at this point is to keep your spine aligned and your legs straight.
  • At this point place your right hand on your calf, ankle or on the mat, your right arm is extended upwards, possibly perpendicular to the floor, with the palm of the hand directed towards the left.
  • Another important point is to maintain your head aligned with your spine and look at your left hand.
  • This is the final position, hence we must breathe calmly and keep the pose for at least 1 minute and then slowly return to its starting position.

Rest for a few seconds, do the same position on the left side by lifting your right arm. If possible, keep the position for the same time on both sides.

Trikonasana triangle pose is a beautiful pose with many benefits but also some contraindications.  It is not recommended if you suffer from serious back problems.

The benefits of trikonasana are really many:

– Increases the lateral mobility of the spinal column (especially in the lumbar and thoracic areas).
– Makes the joints of the hips, legs and shoulders more felixble.

– Lengthens the paravertebral muscles from both sides of the spine, giving our back more balance and flexibility.
– Improves digestion

– Helps to reduce the accumulation of adipose tissue at the level of the waist.
– It lengthens the muscles of the legs and the back and tonifies the nerves and the tendons of the spinal column.
– Activates the functionality of the organs situated in the abdomen and also the reproductive organs.

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