Useful news on Denmark

Are you planning to visit Denmark and you are looking for useful tips that you wouldn’t find in guides?

Denmark is a wonderful country but something more should be known.

Useful tips on Denmark

If you are traveling by car there are two ways to arrive to Denmark:

– Crossing over by ferry from Rostock (Germany)

– Or by land always from Germany.

The ferry is very comfortable, more or less it takes about two hours, but the ferries are comfortable and modern they even have wifi connection, and if you buy your tickets online it costs you less. The town of Rostock is also nice to visit, especially during the Christmas period.

Once off the ferry, and after the usual customs checks, you will find yourself in the middle of the Danish swamps, in fact there are many water courses and the bridges, the motorways are free, you pay only for the longer sections on the Bridges. After approximately two hours drive you will be in the beautiful and cold Copenhagen.

If instead you want to avoid the ferry you can do everything on the road from Germany, enjoying the wonderful Danish landscapes full of rivers and bridges as stated above and to get to Copenhagen it would take about 4 hours between the various stops and the photos that you will surely take.

The receptive structures in Denmark whether they are hotels, apartments, shelters or anything else, are much more expensive than the average European, especially for what you will receive in return, here in fact structures are quite minimal “Ikea” style to understand, everything very small, minimal and essential, with the attention to have everything but without creating too much chaos. Payments are made all rigorously in advance without much information, so if you need info or anything specific you will have to ask directly at the reception or the host family. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, even for just one euro therefore you do not need to bring much cash with you, also keep in mind that in Denmark the currency is Danish kroner and not Euro however in Copenhagen almost everybody accepts Euro, hence if you are staying for a few days theres no need for currency exchange.

Copenhagen is the capital city and is also a multicultural and colourful city, on one hand we find the fashionable districts that are all designed to imitate the Italian luxury and on the other we find Christiania, the anarchist community, unique in Europe more similar to a social centre rather than a district.


Christiana is as if it were another country within the country: here in fact the police does not enter and not even the Danish laws. In pusher street they sell any type of soft drug without any problem and even there you can find the foreign exchange bureau so that you can pay in cash and leaving no trace behind. You feel as if you are in a community social centre as I have said before even though they are all very careful not to be photographed and not to photograph the entire area.

Copenhagen is also the city with the most gastronomic choices across Europe and indeed here you will find restaurants, bars and cafes but mostly different cusines and food to satisfy a all tastes. It is also the capital with the more starred restaurants in the world, so if you are a lover of good food here you are surely spoilt for choice.

If you visit Denmark in winter kindly note that you will feel the cold and how, not so much for the temperatures that are quite normal but due to the humidity thatt also penetrates the smallest bone of your body. Since Copenhagen is rich in rivers, lakes and marshes ,the humidity is really very high, hence more than warm clothes you will need rainproof, windproof and thermal clothing.

If you are curious and want to see the famous Little Mermaid, know that you will remain a little bit disappointed, it is in fact a small statue on the water, it is also little out of the way to get there. Over the years it has been vandalised several times, replaced, ecct stolen and honestly is its story is much more interesting than the statue itself.


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