Are you planning a little trip in Holland and need some info?? Here are some useful tips on the Netherlands that you will not find in the guide books, tips from travellers and from whom has lived in the Netherlands for some time and which can help you live a better experience.


Holland or the Netherlands is a European state, very little European really where most of the people are travelling to Amsterdam for the red light district and for the marjuana, but in reality it has much more to offer and also some hassles that you can avoid.

IT IS NOT CAR-FRIENDLY: i.e. leave the car at home, will it be for environmental policy, or will it be because the Dutch are just like that, don’t make the mistake of going by car: we can pass over the fuel which has a cost similar to that of Italy and France, the more painful note is the parking, almost impossible to find and especially very expensive, an hour costs about 2.5euros in any city until you arrive to 5 euro per hour in Amsterdam, whereby once you are all stressed out when you find one will find yourself in front of a bloodletting and remember that the parking can only be paid by card, hence no cash.

YOU CAN PAY BY CARD EVERYWHERE: In Holland everything can be paid by card and even insignificant amounts, such as 1 euro, nobody will ask for a minimum expense because here it is common not to bring cash but only cards.

national parkTHE NETHERLANDS IS NOT ONLY AMSTERDAM: Although Amsterdam is the most famous city, The Netherlands has other interesting towns to visit and also a natural area that is not bad at all, in addition to the windmills of Zaanse Schans, Unesco world heritage site, there is also a beautiful natural park that can be travelled around all by bike, and the bike will be given to you at the entrance, therefore you will practically need nothing. The national park is called HOGE-VELUWE, it has an entrance cost but then you can spend the whole day inside and you will find yourself in front of different types of landscapes, from forests to meadows, ponds etc.

BICYCLES RULE…..: ‘Holland is already known as the country of the bicycles, you will find them tied everywhere, there are cycling trails everywhere and cyclists do not care much neither of the cars nor of the pedestrians, whereby if unfortunately you are on a bike path you risk to be run over and be also at fault, so be careful!!!!!

– THE DUTCH ARE ROUGH AND PROUD TO BE SO: The Dutch are literally rough or someone would actually say rude and rather proud to be so, they have written two best sellers on how they seem rude to foreigners. They always tell you in your face what they think sometimes without caring at all about your feelings, but this can be surely also a great advantage – in addition to their straight forwardness, there ways seem to be a bit cold or at least that is what is perceived at the beginning, because once you overcome these two obstacles, you will realize that in their way they are also rather hospitable.

TRY THE PINDA SAUS: Not everyone knows the typical dishes of the Netherlands, in reality there are not many but almost nobody knows about this famous sauce made from peanuts; it is a sauce that you put on the famous french fries, and in every kiosk in the street you will find it almost always warm, it has a rather intense flavour. In addition to this sauce they are also famous for the pancakes; the Dutch pancakes are enormous and are dressed just like a pizza, either sweet or savoury, large more or less as a normal sized round pizza and they are an actual meal.

SOFT DRUGS: Famous for the coffee shops, note that the Dutch who make use of grass are very few, but for those who come from abroad and decide to take a tour in this sense too, you will find in almost all souvenirs shops, cookies, muffins, lollypops and tea, while instead only in the coffee shops you will find the various type of Joint, grass, and space-muffins, but smoking is permitted only within those premises and not on the street as someone might think.

The Netherlands should certainly be seen, Amsterdam is fascinating and multicultural, the villages of the hinterland are characteristic and colourful and as always HAVE A GOOD TRIP.

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