Yoga becomes patrimony of humanity!

It seems one of the usual fake news but in fact it is not indeed and from December 2016 yoga was defined as part of the heritage of humanity, the Unesco in fact met Addis Ababa with this motivation quote taken from the decision and confirmed:

“To all ages, without discrimination of sex, class or religion, associates positions, meditation, controlled breathing, recitation of words and other techniques aimed to offer benefits to alleviate the pain and to reach a state of liberation”.

Yoga becomes patrimony of humanity because all but precisely all can practice it obtaining countless benefits for the organism and consequently improving the quality of their lives.

Obviously for those who like us struggle each day to spread this theory it is an important victory: yoga does good, you just need to know how to choose your own style and the teacher that suits you best.

Many times we have talked about the benefits of yoga that are already evident from the earliest lessons. Various studies have also shown how practicing yoga can help reduce stress levels also for thanks to the techniques of relaxation and breathing, that may accompany the positions also called asana.

Practicing yoga also:

  • Improves brain functions,
  • Lowers the blood pressure,
  • Improves lung capacity,
  • Stabilizes the glycemia
  • Improves our physical and mental balance.

It also helps to create new healthy habits, that make our body more flexible, harmonious and less sensitive to pain.

There are various styles of yoga and various currents, our (the internationally registered and approved Styleoga® method) poses a greater attention to the physicality with a series of exercises and targeted positions to sculpt the body and to make it more flexible, harmonious precisely through dynamic exercises, static positions and breathing practices that are also addressed to massage the internal organs and to improve blood and lymphatic circulation of the organism, hence contributing to its detoxification and the slowdown of aging.

At the end of each session is a fundamental part of exercises to relieve stress and to learn how to communicate better with the daily stressful routine.

There are some relaxation exercises that help even to reconcile the sleep giving greater serenity, inner peace, because as we know sleeping well is the basis for good health.

Yoga teaches us first of all to love, it is both a physical and mental discipline and all but really everyone can practice it with ease obtaining incredible and immediate benefits, that is why unanimously yoga becomes patrimony of humanity.

If you want to deepen and start with the basics of yoga take a look at our ebook yoga for everyone