here we are just back from Turkey, a wonderful country with so many things to discover and so many paradoxes; therefore today we want to tell you 3 things about Turkey that the guides do not say.

Traveling to Turkey

the first thing to know is that if you are going to Turkey but you travel on the road like us, so you move around the place, rent a car or in any case travel without having already made reservations, then you need a VPN, because Booking does not work in Turkey nor other international portals for hotel reservations; so you’d be really in trouble. All you need is a vpn line on your mobile phone or in alternative having booked everything from home!

3 Things About Turkey Guides Don’t Tell You

the second thing that surprised us is that apart from Istanbul and Cappadocia, nowhere else you find people who speak English, even in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, in top-class hotels nobody spoke English or any other European language, so it is very difficult to get organized, even if sign language (and I mean that of gestures in the Italian way) always works.

Traveling to Turkey

When traveling to Turkey you have to stay positive but also prepared, but it is certainly easier than traveling to other countries as the roads are perfect, they have well-equipped rest areas, and public transport also works well, for example in Istanbul it is better to travel by tram than by car or bus: the traffic in Istanbul is terrifying and puts a strain on anyone.

The third thing to know is that kebap or kebab simply means grilled so you can also find excellent kebap vegetables, even if it must be said that for vegetarians the matter becomes really tough in Turkey. Instead, what in Italy is called kebab, i.e. vertical meat, which is placed in sandwiches, etc. is the DONER KEBAB, very widespread and which costs very little everywhere.

There would still be many things to say, but we will do it in the next articles, in the meantime if you have any trivia, comment below!

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