How to practice acrobatic yoga

Acrobatic yoga or aerial yoga, is a discipline born in America from the encounter between yoga, acrobatics and Thai Massage, acroyoga is a sequence of asanas (positions) created by the Americans Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein.

It is performed, in fact, exclusively in pairs and allows you to “fly” thanks to the synchronized movements of those who support and those who are supported. Of course there are various levels and the basic one can also be practiced by children.

Acrobatic Yoga How is it practiced

First of all, in pairs and practically it provides for the presence of three figures. On the ground is the person who acts as a base and supports the other person, the flyer, who moves in the air.

Outside the couple is the spotter, usually the instructor, who observes and intervenes in the event of a fall. The first phase includes a moment of initial meditation, which, if in a group, consists of a ceremonial circle to get to know each other and dissolve tensions.

After the first awareness asanas that act as a warm-up, the well-defined roles enter their full definition.

The breath is synchronized and the yoga positions are performed resting on the hands and feet of the base.

The roles are interchangeable, but often, especially in the more dynamic part, we specialize in one or the other. The positions that are performed are the classic ones, but modified to be able to adapt to couple practice.

What are the physical benefits of acrobatic yoga?

Taking advantage of the body weight, Thai Massage movements are performed in suspension which allow you to:

  • lengthen the spine,
  • loosen the joints
  • favour twisting and stretching.
  • The breath opens
  • the musculature is strengthened
  • the sense of balance is trained.

What are the psychological benefits of aerial yoga?

It is clearly a matter of mutual trust so if practiced with your partner, acroyoga strengthens dialogue and harmony. The practice also improves self-perception and allows you to relate to the other person in a balanced way.

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