Benefits of yoga on sex

Praticing yoga nowadays is all the rage, but in reality it is such an ancient discipline, so evolved that it should represent more than just a fashion. Fortunately, many scientific studies, including recent ones, provide us with more and more statistics. and numbers on how well it does.

Actually we already knew how good yoga is and that’s why we train yoga teachers able to spread this discipline in the best possible way, but it is always good to read new research and new studies.

Benefits of Yoga on Sex

In particular, in this article we are going to understand what science says about yoga and sex.

Yoga reduces premature ejaculation

A research published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” based on an experiment done on 68 men gave interesting results.

The research talks about premature ejaculation. It compared two groups of men with the same problem, one on Prozac (fluoexetine) and the other constant practitioners of yoga.

Both groups greatly improved their condition, thus demonstrating how yoga can be a safe, flexible and effective alternative to treating premature ejaculation without medication.

Yoga and women

Also in the same Journal appeared a study concerning a group of women.

A group of 40 women lent themselves to the study, practicing an hour of yoga every day, doing about 12 classic poses.

Poses indicated to improve the pelvic floor, relax tense and inflexible hips, increase good mood, followed by breathing and relaxation techniques

At the end of the 12-week experiment, the women completed a questionnaire.

On the questionnaire they described how by the end of the yoga practice, the level of desire, lubrification, orgasm and general satisfaction had drastically increased.

Two-thirds of women reported feeling more satisfied with their sex life.

Furthermore, for women around 45, there has also been an increase in lubrication.

A constant yoga practice and a few positions improve the pelvic floor and reduce pain in the abdomen.

And if all of this was not enough, a research published in October 2017 in the journal “Pain Medicine” suggests that yoga also helps women with chronic pain in the pubis.

Therefore, teaching to these women who suffer from chronic pain, the practice of yoga can help manage the feeling of pain and therefore also improve sexual life.

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