Benefits and properties of Chia seeds!

Discover all the benefits of the Chia seeds and its numerous healing properties!

Chia seeds became famous all over the world already starting from the Seventies and nowadays maintain their justified fame. They come from the same family of mint and are originating in central south Mexico and Guatemala. A legend says that the first to use them were the ancient Aztec warriors, who assumed them before each battle.

Today they are recognized as SUPERFOOD thanks to their properties even towards weight loss, they are very rich in “good fats”, especially known for their nutraceutical and Phytotherapy potential.


Chia seeds used whole, may constitute an alternative ingredient for the preparation of various recipes. We can get oil from the seeds, but apart from oil, also the flour obtained by grinding the dried portion can be used in the kitchen for bread and derivatives, so that they have a greater quantity of soluble fibre, and decrease the energy intake and the glycemic index.
The whole seeds instead are excellent in dietary smoothies, in mixtures for breakfast, in diet bars and substitute meals, yoghurt and also in bakery products.
With regards the dietetic food the gel of chia seeds is used, a gel made from flour, that has a binding effect, gelling agent and emulsifier, so much so that it can replace up to 25% of the oil content and eggs in some cakes;


Lets see some of the benefits of the chia seeds:

  • Help lose weight: They have a great a satiating effect which helps to keep under control the anxiety to eat. Assuming them without any liquid, lets them expand in the stomach and produce a sort of contentment that satisfies in a fast and lasting manner.  They also provide a good quantity of fibre.
  • Reduce the blood sugar level: As we said it contains fibre that also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and to reduce blood pressure.
  • Reduce the digestion: The combination of soluble and insoluble fibre inside the seeds creates a perfect balance to facilitate the passage of food through the digestive system which then works better also avoiding problems of constipation.

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  • Protect the heart: The Chia seeds can regulate cholesterol levels and thanks to their intake of fatty acids and fibre can also help to reduce the inflammatory process of the body associated with the risk of heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents.
  • Regulate THE MOOD: They are a natural source of tryptophan, which improves the mood and regulates appetite. The tryptophan that is an essential amino acid has a relaxing effect because it stimulates the production of serotonine and other neurotransmittors related to the good mood.
  • Increase energy: The Chia seeds contain protein, minerals, fatty acids that act on the body in a positive manner, consequently favouring physical and mental efficiency.

Chia seeds are therefore a real health aid thanks to their benefits and properties, you can either enjoy them natural or added to foods such as:

– Yogurt
– Cereals
– Pasta
– Salads
– Rice
– Smoothies

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