Benefits of Zen meditation!

What is Zen meditation and what benefits can give it us through a constant practice!

History of Zen meditation

Zen meditation derives from Buddhism, and according to the tradition, the Buddha used a posture called zazen and with this position he reached complete liberation/freedom.

The origins of Zen, date back to the experiences of the Buddha in India around the VI century A.C. which were then referred to in the inside of the chinese monasteries.

Zen meditation or Zazen as the posture, allows an individual to place themselves in the mental state, which corresponds to the emission of alpha waves, and consists of three basic parts:

  •  Control of the breathing,
  • Control of the posture
  • Control of the mind.



As we already said this type of meditation is Buddhism, but that of Japanese origins which was then tested and increased precisely enclosing its values of Japanese culture such as; purity, harmony and kindness.

Therefore, focusing on breathing lightly enables those who practice to regain their mind and make it stronger and present on a daily basis.

According to this type of meditation, breathing correctly must be characterized by a slow natural pace, which guarantees the possibility of living a long and rather healthy life, in a state of spiritual equilibrium, sweeping away the complications that our mind sets before us. By practicing and hence constantly, the mind evolves, becoming pure, clear and bright a little bit the same as our life should be in the front of obstacles, firm, clear and stable, so as not to fall or give in.


Find a quiet place, remove shoes and make yourself comfortable, you must feel at ease. It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes and non-synthetic material. Sit cross-legged and close your eyes.

bring your right hand towards your navel, open with your palm facing upwards. The left rests on the right, in the same way, your thumbs must touch and above all you must try to keep your back straight.

Breathing deeply you feel calmer and reach an ideal concentration, focusing on the position, imagining to remove the tension without getting involved by the thoughts. Of course the position is not an easy one and it takes some time before getting used to it. To start off you must hold the position for at least 20-30 minutes.

It is a type of meditation ideal to everyone, especially for the ease with which you can try it, but definitely it requires a little bit of time untill we start obtaining the benefits of zen meditation. In the beginning was practiced in the dojo for those who practiced karate, kendo or judo; today there are many meditation centres that have nothing to do necessarily with martial arts.

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