Chair Yoga or Yoga on the chair

Today we shall talk about the famous yoga chair or yoga on the chair, and in itself this would seem strange if you think about the acrobatics we see around.

In fact, every style of yoga should carry with it the fundamental message that yoga is for everyone and that one should never go further and disrespect his/her.

Therefore chair yoga or yoga on the chair starts from this principle.

How is chair yoga practiced?

Chair yoga or yoga on the chair, as it says in the word itself, uses tools also called “props” that help the student to carry out the positions adequately; these props are obviously chairs, stools, but also cushions, and various supports.

A simple but sturdy folding chair is enough. Using one that has a rigid seat and back is ideal but without armrests.

Who is chair yoga for?

Chair yoga is actually for everyone, even if it immediately makes us think of those who have suffered injuries, are elderly or have disabilities; in reality this type of yoga which is particularly suitable for those who have or had motor difficulties, is certainly useful to anyone who wants a gentle and focused practice on body care and the benefits are so many.

Benefits of chair yoga

There are many benefits of this practice:

  • Improve Flexibility: Many people find flexibility one of those things that goes away with age. But in reality, flexibility takes practice. If you do nothing to stretch and stretch your muscles, you will obviously lose flexibility. But if you keep a constant practice you can remain flexible, and is therefore particularly suitable for those who have been stationary for a long time and want to resume.
  • Increase Strength: Chair yoga strengthens all those little stabilizing muscles we use every day. The muscles and tendons around the ankles, shoulders and hips are all engaged.


  • Increase Your Body Awareness: Chair yoga or yoga with the chair forces you to bring your awareness into your body. As you deepen your breath and slow down your movements, you will begin to train your brain to focus more on your body.


Become a chair Yoga teacher and bring yoga with the chair to all your students!


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