Collagen eye patches!

What are collagen eye patches and how do they work but above all do they really work?

Coming from Asia and are truly spreading all over, They are in fact practical and ensure evident results… but will this really happen?


As the name says a collagen patch is a patch that applied under the eyes, could eliminate even 92% of bags, chicken feet, swelling and wrinkles, hence reinjuvinating, instantly with a single application it is hence then able to give the same effect of nine hours straight of good sleep .

Among the methods of diy this provides rapidity, speed, effectiveness and above all does not cause pain, unlike other cosmetic treatments that may even require time to get back into shape.

The skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the rest of the face and considerably more delicate and it is for this reason that the wrinkles are formed mainly in that area, together with bags, chicken feet and spots, and it is on this that these patches act. By applying them for about 15-20 minutes they dehydrate the skin near the eyes by acting as a protection for another 7-8 hours from external agents such as pollution, smoke, smog and more.

In Asia, especially in Japan and Korea they are very popular and there are several types, only with collagen, or mixed with other useful principles in this case to the epidermis as for example anti-wrinkle grating, Q10, hyaluronic acid ect. A known English company taking up a little the asian product has made it a product of excellence in Europe by inserting in the collagen patches also the Q10 enzyme promising even more evident results than the traditional ones.


Let us begin by saying that recently the patch formula is being used for almost all types of cosmetic treatments and this is because it is a kind of shock treatment, the application of the patch in fact allows the area to be treated be subject to intensive treatment, the patches for the eyes should be applied to skin that is clean and allowed to act for about 15-20 minutes, a sort of beauty mask delimited to a specific area.

Precisely this delimitation also increases the effectiveness, as the region of the eyes is not similar to that of the cheeks or forehead and therefore rather than a generic mask it is better, a specific area treatment.

It is therefore clear that if intended as a cosmetic product that can improve the skin tone we surely all agree in saying that it works, also because through the patches we take care of a part of the face that is very neglected but at the same time very stressed.

If instead we think that it is the equivalent of a facelift … then perhaps we might remain disappointed.

We tried them and have photos to witness this and we eye patches

can say that they are an excellent cosmetic product, the relieve in quite a good manner the dark colour around the eyes, and mitigate that dark colour due to tiredness or computer, tv, ecct, they have not made us any miracles but we did not even expect them to!!!!!

We must also add that the products sold in Asia, in some ways are much more effective than the European ones, but we must also bear in mind that they go through much fewer controls and have much less restrictions, hence do your evaluations well and pay close attention to the ingredients.

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