Coupons and discounts for travel!

Have you ever wondered if there are any coupons and discounts for travel and if yes from where can you get them?

While browsing the net, watching tv we are constantly invaded with the idea of these discounts and coupons especially in supermarkets and shops but nobody ever actually talks about some sort of gift or reduction for trips; well they do exist but are perhaps little known and those who use them honestly lets say the truth; keep them for themselves; but this is not our case, because we want to share with you some of our tweaks; you can save on the cost of hotels, apartments and even on the entrance into certain sights/attractions, but lets go by grade and let us begin by saying that every country has got its own customs and therefore for each country there are different rules and different coupons.

Lets start from the accommodation which is almost the same for all the continents:

– If you want to rent an apartment for example on Airbnb, its best to be introduced to the site by a friend who is already registered this way you can will get a coupon of up to 200 euro on the rental price of an apartment

– If you are already registered instead simply submit a friend who is not yet registered and once he/she enrolls you also get a discount voucher usually of about 20%.

– If you usually stay in hotels choose  hotel chains, those who offer loyalty cards, in this way by paying for the first nights you could take advantage of the free nights at the end of your stay (one year in the United States we paid for only 5 nights out of 20 :-), this is thanks to the loyalty cards that offer you welcome gifts, double points for some locations etc. Just check how many points are needed for the hotels of the same chain but of a lower category, usually you always manage to double the night.

– Did you know that some famous monuments and museums in the afternoon offer a free entrance??? I’ll give you an example if you are in Madrid and want obviously to go and visit the Prado musuem, than just go after six and you won’t pay for the ticket, being able to visit all the sections with the exception of temporary exhibitions.

Isn’t it wonderful??? It looks a bit like a Tv show but in reality we can find many coupons and discounts for travel.

– In the United States you pay for the room and not per person, and usually for two people they try to give you the KING BED, this is much more expensive due to the enormity of the beds, but in reality, the queen is always much cheaper and is just fine because the bed has the size of our normal double bed, hence in two it is even more comfortable.

In the United States there are even more discounts and coupons for travel and slowly we will see them all!!!!