False myths on Japan!

You want to go to Japan but have heard too many things that convince you very little? I remember that before we decided to go there, it was a trip on our bucket list, we were very uncertain though because we had heard that it was too expensive, that the airline tickets were impossible to buy, that the food was extremely particular and many other absurd stories which we then discovered that the reality was actually not like that and that they were all false myths about Japan.

Meanwhile the airline tickets if purchased in large advance do not cost a lot or at least are not more expensive than other destinations, and if you opt for 2 connections (lay over) the ticket price could also drop below 400 euros.

Life in Japan is not as expensive as they say, if you want to buy souvenirs you can go to Daiso, i.e. everything for 100 yen (approx $1) were you will truly find cute items and delicious goodies typical of the country of the Rising Sun with which you shall make many friends who love that genre happy.

japanese futonWith regards to the accommodation instead we believe that to really know a country and its people you must live like them, therefore we rented an apartment for students in Kyoto, a two futon apartment, this is how you measure the size of the rooms in Japan. A sympathetic experiment of survival the Japanese way: two futon to open in the evening in the lounge and fold in the morning just to take advantage of the lounge…:-), a minimal kitchenette and a bathroom almost the size of a plane’s lavatory, equipped also with a washing machine, fridge, rice cooker and umbrella strictly in hue… What do you want more??? In this way we could stay longer always respecting the budget imposed and never exceeded.

A separate chapter is undoubtedly for the food:  Japan has a wide variety of dishes, ingredients and incredible foodjapanese delicacies and prices also vary greatly; in local markets everything is very accessible and affordable but if you go to supermarkets under the large warehouses you can find a melon wrapped as a gift, and also spend a fortune although everything in those departments is wonderfully accurate, elegant and absolutely fantastic also the prices are incredible, however if you would like to have a snack, then go first thing in the morning as soon as they have just opened and you will be able to get a taste of many products one more delicious than the other!!!!!!

And Japan is absolutely not only Sushi, we are not very much fans of sushi and fish in general but we can assure you that in Japan you can find really everything and eat different things even for a whole month, but be careful not to stop in places for tourists, look around in the side streets of Shibuya, or the narrow roads of Kyoto and you will have an incredible variety of goodness….and even if you do not understand a word of what is written on the menu, in Japan it is common to expose the photos or even reproduce a plastic version of the dish making it really very simple to understand.

What else must we say: Run and buy a plane ticket to Japan