Foods that help tan!

tanning foods

The summer is a wonderful season that gives us joy, carefree moments, and also a beautiful tan especially if we help with foods that are good for tanning.

Fruit and vegetables are therefore very good allies of tanning and also against the excessive heat.

Foods that help tan:

Carrots, lettuce, chicory, melons, peppers, tomatoes, apricots, strawberries and cherries are the so-called “tanning foods”, able to stimulate the production of melanin, and therefore the tan, but also to protect the body from the summer heat.
These foods in fact typical of the summer season, thanks to their high content of liquids and mineral salts they are able to protect the body from heat shots and the effects caused by the very high temperatures.

But howcome these foods are good tanning??

Their power is due to the high content of vitamin A, which stimulates the production of melanin, thus favouring a natural tan.
In the first place of course we find the famous carrots, natural tanners par excellence, that contain 1200 micrograms of vitamin A per 100 grams of pulp.

Here is the ranking of foods containing vitamin A:

  1. Carrots 1200
    2. Radicchio 500-600
    3. Apricots 350-500
    4. Chicory and lettuce 220-260
    5. Yellow melons 200
    6. Celery 200
    7. Peppers 100-150
    8. Tomatoes 50-100
    9. Peaches 100
    10. Watermelons and cherries 20-40

Furthermore, the regular and abundant consumption of fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, helps the body to stay in shape and fight against the free radicals resulting from exposure to the sun that I recall should be done with caution and with certain rules:

– Know your skin type

– Use appropriate creams on your skin, especially on children,

-Minimise the exposure to sunlight, especially in the peak hours of the day,

– Do not expose yourselves to the sun with perfumes and essences

– Use proper clothing (hats, shirts, glasses).

Therefore lets set free the fruit, vegetables, fruit salads and colourful dishes to help overcome the torrid heat and to prepare ourselves for a super healthy tan!!

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