Yoga teacher is a wonderful profession, but not everyone knows the path it takes to become one.

Legally there are no real standards, but internationally a path considered valid and internationally accepted has somehow been codified.

How do you become a yoga teacher?

So today to become a yoga teacher, regardless of whether you choose an online or offline path, there are steps to follow, let’s talk about traditional yoga or hatha yoga, because then there are different styles that follow different paths:

  • first level or 200 hours (all over the world the first level, the one considered adeguate to be able to practice yoga and teach it to others is the 200 hours path, total hours in which the basic principles of this discipline are learned)
  • second level or 300 hours (in this level you go deeper and start getting used to this lifestyle)
  • third level or 500 hours (the highest level of the course which also gives the possibility to train other teachers)

How do you become a yoga teacher?

Once you have passed the 3 levels of the course and continuing to study for years and years, you can access the qualification of EXPERT, which starts from 1500 hours and up.

However, in addition to the standard levels there are many in-depth studies, and many different styles that are possible to deepen with continuing education courses or various in-depth studies such as, for example, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, restorative, Pregnancy yoga etc.

The work of a yoga teacher requires constant training, also because yoga is not just a discipline but a complete lifestyle.

Characteristics of a good yoga teacher.

However, a good yoga teacher must not only follow the levels and courses indicated but must also respond to very clear characteristics dictated by the philosophy behind this discipline:

  • desire to learn and study
  • desire to communicate
  • desire to transmit love and sharing
  • good relationship with people
  • good open-mindedness
  • desire to work on yourself
  • and a great desire to practice


To be a good yoga teacher, contrary to popular belief, some things are not necessary, such as:

  • you don’t need to be flexible already
  • you don’t have to go on a diet
  • no need to already know how to do yoga and all the positions
  • you don’t have to give up everything else
  • no need to isolate yourself from the world
  • you absolutely do not need a model’s body

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