How much does a yoga teacher training course cost?

Planning your future, turning your passion into a job, or choosing to take up a job like that of a yoga teacher, shouldn’t have a cost, it shouldn’t lead us to ask how much it costs….

and it would be beautiful like this but the truth is that each one of us also has to deal with the economic part of our lives.

How much does a yoga teacher training course cost?

So in this article we try to deal peacefully with this part which may seem not very spiritual, not very ideal, but it is certainly a fundamental part of our life and it is therefore right to have some more news.

So if we want to quantify the cost of this path, we need to keep in mind several parameters:

  1. duration of the course
  2. course level
  3. course curriculum
  4. course teachers
  5. school that holds the course
  6. certifications issued

How much does it cost to become a yoga teacher?

The duration of the course is fundamental, there are different paths, speaking of the first level which is identified by the international 200 hours we have:

Intensive residential (20/30 days), mixed residential (online part + 7/10 days of boot camp), annual divided into weekly meetings, online (minimum duration 30 days, maximum duration 10 months), in each of these cases it is necessary to ascertain the qualifications of the teachers who hold the course, the certifications that are issued but above all the curriculum of the teachers who will hold the course.

Furthermore, the school that holds the course and will issue the certifications must have a curriculum, excellent recognition, authority and above all be a serious and well-known school.

Once all these checks have been made, let’s take a look at the international and Italian tariffs.

How much does a course to become a yoga teacher cost?

The average cost (therefore not too high and not too cheap) is around 2000 euros for the first level,

An amount that can be discounted up to 50% in the case of promotions, but summarily a good course, with a good school, cannot go below 800 euros, and this for various characteristics.

Let’s break down the cost and understand why you need to pay the right amount for a yoga course

  • The school must be bureaucratically and legally up to date with the fiscal and legal rules of the country in which it is based; this means that it will pay taxes on your purchase (in yoga the fundamental principle is honesty; therefore not paying taxes is already a symptom of the fact that perhaps they preach well but scratch around badly).
  • the teachers must have hours and hours of studies and training on their backs, but they still have to continue studying (it is not enough to have certifications, but teaching yoga requires continuous updating, so it is better to keep away from those who no longer study because they think they have reached the top)
  • right tools, whether it’s online (therefore platforms, groups, etc.) or live (room, props, etc.), the school must provide you with the right and quality tools, it cannot save money on this.
  • to offer you national or international certifications, the school incurs or has incurred very high costs, which are renewed annually or even monthly

How much does it cost to become a yoga teacher?

In addition to all of the above, you also need to put a price on your education and yourself:

how much are we really worth if we want to do a job that does good, which brings incredible benefits but which still works on people’s bodies and minds, so it can also be dangerous if we are not willing to pay the right amount? Or if we choose to support those who exploit poor teachers from poor countries and conditions?

That said, in this article we talked about the first level, the yoga path includes several other levels, so if you are interested take a look at our article