Legumes benefits and curing power.

Lets talk about legumes and all the properties they have.

Legumes are edible seeds of plants belonging to the family of leguminosae, and are a source of richness at nutritional level, both fresh and dried, even better if organic.

Legumes especially when joined to cereals supply our organism with complete proteins, and nowadays it has been discovered that these proteins in some cases are even better than the protein provided by meat .

There are many varieties of legumes such as :

– Beans: Spanish white beans, Borlotti, Cannellini, Toscanelli

– Lentils: Castelluccio, Egyptian, Altamura, red, shelled

– Chick peas

– Peas

– Broad Beans

– Soybeans

– Lupin

– Chicklings

– Peanuts (no one knows but they are also legumes, but with many lipids and very high calorie content so beware)

Legumes benefits and curing power

  • They are rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, niacin)
  • Contain vitamin C
  • Contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and many trace elements and fibre
  • Are an excellent source of protein
  • Chick peas are indicated for those who are anemic and during pregnancy for the contribution of iron and calcium
  • Beans are tonics and give energy
  • The broad beans and lentils have mineral properties
  • The lentils have galattogoghe properties
  • The soybean is high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids

Calories of legumes

Chick peas =364 kcal

Dried Chickpeas boiled =164 kcal

Dried Chickpeas raw =316 kcal

Frozen green soybeans =110 kcal

Fresh borlotti beans = 335 kcal

Boiled borlotti beans = 136 kcal

Canned borlotti beans =83 kcal

Cannellini Beans =337 kcal

Cannellini Beans, tinned =113 kcal

Cannellini Beans, Boiled =140 kcal

Black beans =341 kcal

Black beans, boiled, unsalted =132 kcal

Black eyed beans =90 kcal

Black eyed beans, boiled =97 kcal

Black eyed beans, boiled and salted =94 kcal

Black eyed beans, frozen =139 kcal

Dry beans =291 kcal

Dry beans, boiled =102 kcal

Broad Beans =71 kcal

Shelled broad beans =341 kcal

Broad beans, boiled and salted =62 kcal

Soy sprouts =49 kcal

Soybean burger =177 kcal

Lentils =353 kcal

Lentils, boiled =116 kcal

Peas =81 kcal

Peas, boiled =42 kcal

Peas, without pods =42 kcal

Peas, frozen =42 kcal

Soy =122 kcal

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