Every day can be a special day, a miracle in this life of which we do not know the actual the duration, and too many times we waste being unhappy, squabbling, doing things that we do not like.

How can we change each day, everything even the most common and banal, into a happy and illuminating experience?

In the manual of meditation “The Miracle of the mental presence” of Thich Nhat Hanh they are explained 3 practical techniques to do on a daily basis to improve every day.

Dedicated to those who want to experience it on themselves, or who is already perhaps a meditation expert, they are simple techniques for everyone to live in the present and enjoy every single moment.


– CONTROL YOUR BREATHING WHEN CHATTING: Very often when we talk with someone we are always under the magnifying glass or at least we feel that way, and we block ourselves also at muscle level, therefore to breathe calmly is fundamental.

But how can we do that?

While we are following the conversation lets try to pay attention, not only to the words spoken, but also to our abdomen and let it move freely while inhaling and exhaling. Breathing slowly and aware will help us to relax.

If we try to be aware of our breathing and let this practice become a habit of life, probably we will realize that the quality of our way of approach to others will start to change: it will increase the pauses, silence, we will feel less under the lens and less judged.

Every day we have the possibility of choosing to awaken ourselves consciously, without letting thoughts fill our minds already early in the morning causing stress, anxiety and tiredness.

The manual suggests us to write “Smile” on a paper or on a sign placed in a way so as to be able to see it as soon as you open your eyes. You will just need to look at it while inhaling and exhaling gently at least three times, leaving your lips form spontaneously a smile.

This one of the pebble is a practice to do sitting or lying, trying to maintain yourself immobile as much as possible.

Find a comfortable position and breathe in a slow, calm and profound way. Imagine being a pebble that sinks in the water and try to observe it while breath after breath it sinks till reaching the bottom. There at the bottom in the sand the pebble rests abandoned and the currents have no more power over him.
Let us pause to observe the image of the pebble now lying, put and immobile, we continue to let ourselves breathe for all the time that we can, aware that in this way we will be nurturing the seeds of tranquillity and peace in our hearts. Every time that a thought comes up we can recognize it and choose to let it go without dwelling over it, returning to contemplate our pebble.

Isn’t this technique wonderful?? Well yes all three of these techniques work wonderfully if done with constancy, lets start practicing them each day starting from waking up to the practice of the pebble.

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