How to make sourdough at home!

What is Culture yeast or sourdough and how can we make it at home to prepare bread and cakes that are completely natural and healthy.

There are many ways to obtain sourdough, both to do it yourself or to find it ready made, there are in fact real SOURDOUGH PUSHERS, it seems to be impossible but there are pages on the internet dedicated to who donates or better “pushes” sourdough. There are also the farmers’ markets that usually host also bakers who use and give the sourdough. In ancient times in fact the sourdough was passed on to family and friends, a special gift to preserve and keep very carefully because we must also say that dealing with sourdough is a real commitment.


There are several recipes for example:


In ancient times to prepare the sourdough at home people used an Apple amongst the ingredients, in addition to water and flour. This recipe requires more time, but you can still get a completely natural yeast to prepare delicious homemade bread.

Take an apple (organic and well washed) and cut it into pieces with the peel, put it in a high and not too wide container and let it rest out of the fridge for 3-4 days.

Once the days have passed, the fruit will begin to darken, letting the water out and start to emit a particularly acidic odour; at this point cover the apple with a handful of flour and let it rest for another few days.

When the acids of the apple would have dried all flour, add another handful and repeat this for about 7-8 days, by adding more flour only after that Apple has absorbed all the flour previously added.

When the flesh of the apple (now rotten) and the flour will have formed an almost homogeneous compound, add approximately 50 g of water and 100 g of flour, mix well for a few minutes until a homogeneous paste is formed and let it rest for a few more days (in a warm place and away from air currents), in such a way that the bacteria continue to reprocess the compound of water and flour.

After the few days have passed, add to the mixture another 50 g of water and 100 g of flour, mix well and cover everything.

The yeast obtained after approximately two months, hence you will need to “refresh” the yeast everyday; it is a very simple operation but at the same time, fundamental and delicate: an omission could be fatal for the yeast, hence do not do this if you have to travel or if you cannot take care of the culture yeast.

Every day it is necessary to add a little water and double the flour, then mix everything and put the yeast in its container. If the weather is very hot you can also store it in the fridge.

After the two months have passed, the natural yeast is finally ready to use.

There are other recipes, lets see that simple one with water and flour.


We need a glass jar with the volume of 1 litre from 1 liter of volume with a wide tip and ideally with a hermetic closure, a fork or spoon to mix and organic wholegrain flours.

150 gr water
50 gr of organic wholegrain rye flour
50 gr of organic wholegrain wheat flour
Mix everything together and when a series of small but continuous bubbles start to appear on the surface, a fermentation is occuring and we should begin to cool the yeast in order to feed the yeasts and bacteria that start to form, however without diluting them too much, hence add only flour, without water and without taking anything away from the compound already obtained.

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