Very often, those who approach meditation do so to try to find themselves, to become conscious and aware and meditation helps to open what is known as a conscious dialogue with oneself, through 6 fundamental stages inspired by a Buddhist meditation that is performed in pairs or groups.

This is a meditative form of interaction that helps to bring to light the thoughts and feelings through dialogue with the other/others.

Meditation for a conscious dialogue is a meditation of awareness that helps to refine the self-consciousness. A sort of “introspective process“, thanks to which we get to know each other better and hence freed from the shackles. This type of dialogue is structured into six stages.

  1. Pause
  2. Relaxation
  3. Opening
  4. Trust
  5. Listening carefully
  6. Telling the truth


  1. PAUSE: Stop, Pause, live with greater awareness the present this is what a pause is needed for.  In this way one pays more attention to what is happening around oneself, to become aware of the body, emotions and thoughts.
  2. RELAXATION: To relax is fundamental to rediscover calmness and concentration.
  3. OPENING: Opening to one another is important to learn to participate and to learn the concept of reciprocity.
  4. TRUST: trust is the basis for reducing the control, you hold on emotions, thoughts and feelings. Having the trust of the other helps to let go of constraints and prejudices. It also means to abandon yourself to the present moment and to the deep listening of oneself  .
  5. LISTENING CAREFULLY: listening is fundamental, compassional, i.e. a sharer of what the other person expresses. And it is a listening that does not judge: emotions, words and gestures expressed by the other person we must not judge them, but simply listen to them and observe them as they are, without making any judgments.
  6. TELLING THE TRUTH: In an honest and conscious dialogue telling the truth is essential not only for respect towards people who listen to us, but also and above all to ourselves .

Analyzing ourselves through these 6 steps, helps to bring out our history and our deeper self. Meditation at this point is no longer silent but is shared with someone who knows how to listen in depth and becomes receptive. A conscious dialogue that helps to become aware of our own inner dimension with clarity and intensity.


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