Overnight stay in the Amazon forest!

When I was a little girl among my favourite hobbies were also comics, reading the World of Donald Duck together with him I dreamt about Uncle Scrooge, and the fantastic HUEY DEWEY and LOUIE who being good Junior woodchucks travelled the world and I did too with them.  In one of these amazing comic episodes I found myself in the Amazon forest, fording an incredible river rich in animals and plants; to the discovery of the forest and its intricacies and the beautiful Genevieve, a huge anaconda friend of three ducklings…. and from there my greatest dream was born: to visit the ‘Amazon’.

I was able to make this dream come true only after a lot of years, but I made it and when after 9 hours on a bus, 3 on a canoe, we entered the forest, my heart was filled with joy, fear, anxiety, trepidation and all possible and imaginable emotions and feelings. The Amazon is something unexplainable, its sounds, colours, smells, all your senses are stimulated in full and you’re confused between sensations.

Lets start from the beginning:

We chose Peru to enter the Amazon; a beautiful road trip around this Andean country and then from Cuzco we decided to take a bus to get to Puerto Maldonado; I must say that although there were 9 hours of travel we were fairly at ease because in Peru road transportation is usually good, anyway this was a normal local bus and I have to say that 9 hours of travel were very long especially because being one of our first trips in South America i felt slightly observed and the situation did not improve when a native lady continued to yell at me “GRINGO GRINGO” and spoke to me in a very fast and not understandable manner… at the end the lady only wanted me to show her how to use the camera and that “GRINGO” just became only a funny anecdote.  Gringo put apart we arrived to Puerto Maldonado and from there we took a canoe (the only means of transport available) to enter inside the forest with our local guide Tony, a native who saved, protected, guided and taught us very much.


amazon forestOnce we arrived to the natural reserve, we had to check in to let them know that we were there and for how long we would have stayed, and I remember my first step into the forest: a very strong smell that could hardly be breathed and an incredible sense of fear; I had waited years but my first feeling I must admit was total fear, I felt very small at the sight of so much power and magnificence.

The forest  welcomes you immediately making things very clear: It is she who commands and has control and you cannot do anything else than respect and be courteous otherwise you’re in trouble… and the first arrived quickly… Tony walked into the forest with great agility forgetting that the two ‘Gringo’ were not accustomed, he crossed rivers and deep canyons walking on thin branches and furniture and the two of us were afraid to die behind him… anyway after a few hours in the forest we got to a camp made of small raised wooden structures and a beautiful green area, thats were we had to sleep and our only protection was just a mosquito net!!!!!!!!!

I was petrified but when suddenly it got dark and we decided to get to sleep in the silence of the night the magic began:

The forest sings, sounds, speaks, and analyzes you…..the drops of rain that hit the leaves, the birds in unison in a sort of gospel choir, sounds of different animals, the smell of dampness, wet land and life in danger, and amongst all this just extraordinary silence and complete darkness….. It was the best night of our lives, we slept lulled by the forest and in the morning we woke up to the first light of dawn following the pace set by the forest…. The funniest thing was waking up so happy, we laughed so much, and everything seemed to be perfectly in place.

They say that travelling is a bit of a search and discovery of oneself, and I must say that an overnight stay in the Amazon forest is truly rediscovering yourself.  It is the deepest and most intimate relationship between your soul and the soul of the earth, you realize to be part of something larger than you, and that all the difficulties and problems of the so-called civil, modern, life have been created by ourselves and only by rediscovering this primordial contact we can self-heal ourselves!


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