We hear more often talking about plastic nowadays, both for the invasion of our seas, and that of our tables, where we often find, plates, cups, cutlery and everything else strictly in plastic and now also in all colours.  This bad habit is destroying our environment with a huge and devastating impact, and if the television and newspapers remind us of the danger of plastic for the environment on a daily basis, little is heard of the danger that these materials represent for our organism.


We must be aware that this type of plastic materials is in contact with foods of various kinds but this does not mean that everything is perfectly suitable for certain purposes!

In plastic and similar objects are contained three substances absolutely harmful to the human being and the whole ecosystem!
These can be found in every object of daily use and consumption, even in frying pans or in the bottles of our children. THESE ARE:

  • FORMALDEHYDE: is a very harmful substance so that to be considered one of the most widespread internal pollutants.
    According to some studies conducted in the laboratory, it became clear that if it is present in concentrations higher than 0,1 ppm (parts per million) in the air, it can cause severe ocular irritation while the ingestion of large quantities may even be potentially lethal. The IARC (International Association for Research on Cancer) has inserted the formaldehyde in the list of the substances classed as carcinogenic for the human species.
    Then, precisely in virtue of this, it is recognized as carcinogenic and tolerated only if present within certain limits in materials of daily use aimed for the conservation of water or various foods.
  • TEFLON (polytetrafluoroethylene): Teflon is widely present in the outer coating of the pans that we use in the kitchen, especially those Non-stick and in disposable tableware. It is deleterious when it starts to deteriorate and this happens especially at high temperatures. According to the opinion of some researchers: an element of alarm lies in the fact that most of the times we use the plastic dishes these come into contact with food that is too hot with a greater risk for health because it increases the possibility of contaminating the dish with the substances which are released with high temperatures.
  • PHATALATES and BISPHENOL A: These substances are present in the common film (cling film) for food that is used to wrap and preserve the food! These substances,although widely prohibited, can be found in the plastic bottles for infants!
    Laboratory studies show that a high exposure to phthalates is deleterious to the lungs, kidneys and liver.
    With regards to bisphenol A, it is observed a negative impact on the endocrine system and would cause an excessive release of Ca (calcium) from cardiac system.

To conclude we are not only poisoning our planet but also our body, and if on one hand politicians are trying to put the brakes on everything, they are thinking of a total abolition, on the other hand it should be each one of us to do our part, first and foremost for the environment and for our own health.

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