Pressotherapy and cellulitis!

What is the pressotherapy and especially does it really work in treating cellulitis?

Pressotherapy and cellulitis

Pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that is gaining a great dose of success both because it gives excellent results and because it immediateely gives a pleasant well-being feeling.

Pressotherapy is also used to treat cellulitis because its action affects the venous and lymphatic circulation making it better both the aesthetically and also for the organism, hence it fights and treats the imperfections such as cellulitis and water retention, edema and so on. The instruments used send pressures to the body tissue, dosed according to the subject,  through a centripetal sequence which follows the ones of the venous blood and lymph, according to the rhythm of the body

This type of sequence allows a facilitated entry of interstitial fluid in the lymphatic vessels and facilitates the movement of the body and that is why we talk about pressotherapy and cellulitis.

The treatment is mainly used for the legs and can be associated with other therapies and beauty treatments: Manual massages,  specific bandages with essential oils, algae packs etc.

The benefit that it truly brings, is a toning of the fabrics with the elimination of excess liquids and an improvement in the circulation, which is the one that gives the person a feeling of lightness and true well-being to the legs, hence not only external positive effects but also internal, for the functioning of the body and for your relaxation.

You can undergo Pressotherapy also in the presence of circulatory insufficiency, reactive skin fibrosis, edema, lymphatic stasis and linfederma, post-surgery treatment, joint disorders, ipotonie, lymphatic drainage, cellulitis, swelling, distortions and sciatica.

However not everyone can undergo pressotherapy, in fact is not suitable for those who suffer from varicose veins, cardiac or arterial insufficiency, cutaneous lesions, linfangitis, thrombophlebitis, osteoporosis, tumors, peripheral arterial insufficiency and plessopathy.


Basically the machine has a sheath with different bands which inflate and deflate, after the preliminary massage that is performed by the doctor to reactivate the lymphatic system of the patient, the legs are inserted into the anatomical sheaths and the machine starts.

The sheath starts swelling the different parts of the leg starting from the external part going to the thighs, than they unswell  altogether following therefore the natural path, favouring the accumulation of liquids and toxins towards the kidneys and consequently their expulsion.

The compression system, which is controlled by the computer, focuses on the movements of the venous and lymphatic flow and, in this way, the oxygenation and the revitalization of the fabric help both to lose weight as to redefine the body by strengthening the skin tone and muscle tension: we can say that it is a valid alternative to liposuction.

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