Traveling as a couple?

What does travelling as a couple mean and especially we are sure to have fun and to do what we please??

We shall reply to you ourselves Antonia and Luigi, two of the founders of Styleoga®, who was born with the idea of spreading the psycho-physical well-being even ance through incredible life experiences just like travel.

Travelling as a couple means finding the right compromises but also means always having a partner that you can rely on and that can evaluate the choices with you.  In some countries travelling alone has become complicated especially for women or for the impaired  and we unfortunately or fortunately belong to both categories but with pride, because for us barriers have never existed and will never exist!

Travelling as a couple also means having to think about costs but very often you save more with respect to travelling solo.

Did you know that in many countries around the world hotels, bbs, guest houses and other rent the room regardless the number of people and therefore a person alone would pay the same amount of two or more?

And did you know that there are restaurant and/or supermarket coupons that allow you to buy two products for the price of one???

What must we say, there are many tricks that can be used when travelling either alone or in couple and in this section of the blog we want to tell you a little bit about our personal experiences around the world and especially as a couple!

In the next articles we shall tell some tricks that can be used, we’ll explain about certain destinations and how to choose them according to the period of the year, how to rent a means of transport or travel with public transport, how to save on food, on visiting museums, monuments and public places, how to make friends on site and especially how to organize trips as a couple without the help of any agency or third party, thus saving also on commission.  Money useful for other expenses that unfortunately cannot be cut.  Over these almost ten years of travelling as a couple, we visited 4 continents and did thousands of miles, we had many different experiences and sometimes made also so many mistakes and it is for this reason that today we are able to travel well every year and especially in the places that we desire without going through so much stress!!!!

Let us begin with Coupons and discounts for travel.