What damages are caused if we do not drink enough!

Drinking water is crucial for our organism and nowadays we do not stop repeating how good it does and how many benefits it brings if we drink at least two litres of water per day, but how much damage does it do instead if we drink too little?

Healthy eating and having a healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep in shape, and as the first rule or the first principle of a correct lifestyle and a healthy diet is certainly to drink plenty of water.

Waiting until you are thirsty is not only not a good system but is also a sign that it is already too late for our organism and that it has already started going in the wrong direction and infact there are many damages caused by dehydration and drinking little water:

  • Damage to the brain: Recent studies have shown that it is harmful not to drink sufficient water, because the brain that is composed by 85% of water, needs to be hydrated to react, and the reaction times of the brain depend precisely from the hydration level of the body.
  • Damage to the skin and to cellulite: Very often people who suffer from dry skin and cellulite in reality owes this to the little water that they assume and in order to cleanse the stagnation of liquids in the tissues one needs to drink a lot of water and its the stagnation of liquids on the thighs and buttocks that is one of the 3 main causes of the formation of cellulite. Hence one of the most natural ways to clean and drain the tissues from accumulated toxins is to limit the consumption of salt through our food supply and drink at least 1 and a half litres of water per day. As we have already said also dry or poorly elastic or cracked skin is another consequence of a poor supply of liquids and consequently drinking sufficiently is certainly a good principle to learn how to eat and how to live in a healthy manner.
  • Damage on the blood pressure: a shortage of water inside our body allows to increase the amount of sodium in the blood with the consequent increase of blood pressure. When the body loses more water than what it receives it begins not to function properly and in these cases the lack of water can cause the closure of some capillaries and hence the blood flows slower causing difficulty in circulation and a subsequent a pressure increase.  In order to keep blood pressure under control we must drink a lot of water since blood is mainly made out of.
  • Damage on the thirst stimulus: when we hear that the stimulus should be fed it means just that the more we drink the more we want to drink and consequently the less we drink the more we lose the stimulus, sending our organism in complete tilt this then receives wrong signals and sometimes these signals can be cured by integrating water and becoming accustomed to drink correctly and sufficiently. There are also cases in which the thirst stimulation completely especially in adulthood and in these cases it is necessary to consult a physician rather quickly.

Drinking insufficiently affects completely on our body with rather serious consequences and sometimes even unrepairable. It is therefore necessary not only to strive to drink sufficiently but also to lead a healthy lifestyle, made primarily of water. Sometimes we cannot recognize the thirst stimulus and think that it is have hunger, but if try to drink instead, we would find out that it is not hunger and consequently drinking a lot can also help us control our weight.

We often talk about eating healthy but we cannot eat healthy if we do not first of all start from the hydration of the body and consequently from DRINKING A LOT OF WATER

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