Today we shall talk about backache and in particular the lower back, the lumbar band.

Lower back pain, which is pain in the lumbar fascia, is also common for those who practice yoga incorrectly without knowing the necessary precautions or the best adaptations to carry out the positions in an optimal way.

It is therefore useful to understand what to do when this pain appears.

First of all you need to understand where the pain comes from: Have you lifted excessive weights? Have you been training the loin square (the muscles right at the base of the back) recently? Have you been wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes for too long?

Once we understand that it is not a serious problem, but that it is an accidental pain we can help ourselves with yoga, now let’s see which exercises are more suitable.

The positions that we will see in this article are centered on the pelvic floor in the supine position so as to decrease the effect of gravity on the spine. Constant repetition of this practice along with the correct breathing will allow you to lubricate the spine and hip joints.


Knees to chest:

This position is perfect for relaxing the entire body and massaging the internal organs in the abdomen. When you bring your knees to your chest, hug them with both hands and try not to arch your cervical tract. Now breathe deeply raising and lowering your belly. If desired, we can rock left and right in order to further massage the lumbar area. The position is also beneficial in case of constipation or abdominal swelling.

The position of the happy baby, ananda balasana

Bring your knees towards your armpits and grab the inside of your feet with your hands, imagining that you can push them down. During the exercise try to completely flatten the entire spine and pay attention to your neck (it must not be arched, push the chin towards the chest to stretch the cervical vertebrae). Breath deeply.


The shoulder supported bridge or bridge pose Sethu Bandasana:

With this exercise we can release the muscles and tensions present in the back. We start with the entire spine resting on the mat, arms along our sides and heels near the buttocks.Inhaling, the buttocks rise, the abdomen contracts and the shoulders open. Try to push your feet as much on the ground as possible. Exhaling the buttocks are lowered and the column rests vertebra after vertebra on the mat (like a necklace, pearl after pearl). Lets try to carry out this movement with patience and harmony, focusing only on the breath and movement.

These simple asanas, practiced regularly, can help us counteract the annoying pain in the lower back but must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.Remember that pains are signals that our body sends us and that we must therefore make some small changes.

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